TRAD'easy®, Franciaflex's fast roller shutter for the most restrictive bays


TRAD'easy®, Franciaflex's fast roller shutter for the most restrictive bays
Tuesday, October 7, 2014Description :
Already recognized as the fastest performing systems, TRAD'easy® saves time, reliability and longevity, with no extra cost for professionals. In its new version, it now adapts to the most restrictive bays in terms of dimensions (narrow chests) and dimensions (wide bays). Specially designed for rehabilitation (replacement of existing equipment, existing reservations, existing maneuver passage), it also responds perfectly to new construction.

TRAD'easy® has a unique self-supporting system that can be installed without nuts or bolts by simplified assembly.

The cheeks are pre-equipped with the shaft supports ready to receive the tube ends by simple clipping. They fit into the robust and reinforced slides that support the shutter and ensure its stability without requiring struts up to 4.5 m wide.

TRAD'easy® makes it possible to install in back line of slides by eliminating or minimizing lateral offsets.

It is available in all maneuvers (winch, strap, wired or radio electric and direct draw), and by its very design, the choice of the maneuvering side is made on the site in manual operation, or reverses instantaneously if Need for electrical operation.

Like all roller shutters Franciaflex, it has an 8-year warranty, validated by numerous qualification tests and by the NF mark.

New advantages for a technically unrestricted installation

TRAD'easy® is made more discreet thanks to a new slide for the ADP42 aprons: of depth only 43 mm, it allows to equip a bay of 3 m wide. A 68 mm slide then takes over to allow a deck width of up to 4 m.

Equipped with an ADP 55 apron, TRAD'easy® always covers the very large dimensions up to 4.5 m. More compact, TRAD'easy® also becomes more versatile. Thanks to the new shapes and dimensions of her cheeks. It is now integrated in all types of traditional carpentry chests or tunnels as well as in verandas oak. It offers the possibility to equip large bay windows with the smallest bulk, the whole always in quick installation.

Saves time, reliability and aesthetics

With only 2 cheeks in place of the innumerable supports, plates, nuts and bolts traditionally supplied, the risk of error and the handling time of the product are considerably reduced.

In addition, by removing the struts and sideways, TRAD'easy® reduces the often delicate interventions on the masonry to their bare minimum.

This characteristic is particularly appreciated in rehabilitation: it is possible to reuse the exits of maneuvers already existing and register in the reservations imposed.

Even the adjustment of the limit switches is simplified. Thanks to the Franciasoft® drive system, the shutter is self-learning the limit switches. The winch can be disengaged, therefore it is without adjustment of limit switches and without risk of false maneuver.

On the aesthetic side, TRAD'easy® also has no gaps. Its discreet slides and the final blade are available in 35 shiny, satin or sandblasted colors at the price of white and also in gilded oak (other colors optional).

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