White & Colors by Porcelanosa, the freshest colours for summer


White & Colors by Porcelanosa, the freshest colours for summer
Thursday, June 13, 2019Description :

The Málaga and Sevilla collections have been designed in blue, white, pink and mustard tones; they allow rooms like kitchens and bathrooms to be made lighter.

This colour range meets the demands of the criteria established at the Pantone Colour Institute and NY Fashion Week.

The White & Colors collection from Porcelanosa is characterised by its lightness and liveliness. Made up of 12 tones and three series, namely: Málaga, Sevilla and Ronda; this product will set the colour trends for summer 2019 through pink, blue, white and mustard.

Following the trends which are established by the Pantone Colour Institute and NY Fashion Week: Pantone Pressed Rosse, Lemón Verbena and Terrarium Moss; this collection provides a new perspective for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms through lively colours and simple lines.

Pantone Pressed Rosse: Back to romantic pink

The Rose colour from the Málaga and Sevilla collections stands out because of its fineness and softness. This wall tile from Porcelanosa goes hand in hand with a sweet romantic aesthetic which matches with the decor elements in the white and beige tones. The perfect combination for summer.

Lemon Verbena: enhancing the sunlight

The Mustard tone from White & Colors enhances the sunlight which comes in, thus creating deeper and bright spaces. Since we are dealing with an intense colour, the decor possibilities with this colour are geared towards elements in black, dark brown and white.

Terrarium Moss: an oasis for summer
The Málaga and Sevilla collections bank on green tones to give the space that natural, calm touch for greater user comfort. Being inspired by lush landscapes and their resources, this colour turns any room into a natural oasis where relaxation and calmness lead the way.

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