The 12th PORCELANOSA Awards

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The 12th PORCELANOSA Awards
Sunday, March 3, 2019Description :

Inspired by this type of mining site, this design mixes what is earthly and spiritual through the ceramic and sustainable materials from PORCELANOSA Grupo.

The corporate philosophy of this place is based on product quality, value for work and building heritage.

With the volcanic quarries as a starting point, the projects by Sofía Pérez Amezaga and Mikel Goñi Los Arcos: ?The quarry: humanised nature’ won the Future Design Award in the Students category at the 12th Porcelanosa Architecture and Interior design Awards.

It is an innovative concept in the retail sector based on two worlds: What is earthly and spiritual, whose connection or common point are the materials from PORCELANOSA Grupo. ?A quarry symbolises that condition so typical of the human being as it is the fact of changing nature for its own benefit. It is the place where the landscape becomes both organic and messy. It is a rational, linear and tidy emptying which brings the purest materials into direct contact with the sky?, the creators themselves explained.

The flooring of the establishment, its terrestrial line, is made up of full and empty spaces which generate a series of platforms with different heights. Its organic shapes remind us of the excavations which occur in the quarries and it is correlated with the roof (spiritual line). The lightness and concavity which its structure presents recalls the interior of a mountain because of the reticular mesh and the ripples that are achieved with the combination of lights and shadows.

A versatile and modern space
Designed to organise public and private events such as conferences and concerts, this establishment has an access ramp where the uses of storage and public toilets can be found. An allegory about the descent into the interior of the earth where visitors can access the different exhibition spaces through the enabled platforms. The doors of this entrance area are covered with the Porcelanosa Travertino collection.

On the first level, there are the lounge exhibitors, the bathrooms, the forum and the grandstand. The initial contact which will lead to the display of toilets and bathroom taps. The raised access flooring by Butech and the ceramic pieces from the Porcelanosa Vancouver collection have been used for the living room in this area.

The privacy of the bathrooms has been achieved with Porcelanosa wall tiles: Carrara, Recife and Marbella; Austin from Venis and L’Antic Colonial with Noken furniture and the PAR-KERTM Forest ceramic parquet.

On the second floor, there are the kitchens by Gamadecor (E7.30 Oak Night and E7.90); showers and bathtubs by Noken and Krion and the XLight porcelain tile by Urbatek. The envelop and the roof which emerge in a geometric succession of volumes, have been built with Butech profiles and the three-dimensional pieces by Krion. ?This project champions the values which PORCELANOSA Grupo also shares. This is the case with the building heritage, the product quality and the value for work. It is the place where the extraction of architectural resources is materialised?, emphasised the two architects.

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