The RH Bayren & Spa Hotel in Gandía uses KRION™ for its ventilated façade

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The RH Bayren & Spa Hotel in Gandía uses KRION™ for its ventilated façade
Saturday, December 21, 2019Description :

The architect, Ainhoa Hernández, has banked on this mineral compact, along with the building solutions from Butech.

This extension of the space has seen the inclusion of some 16 rooms and an additional four floors.

Located by the beachfront, the RH Bayren & Spa in Gandía is a four-star hotel which sees most of its rooms overlooking the wonderful Mediterranean sea. In order to have its facilities improved, this establishment has had its appearance redesigned and its capacity improved through an extensive refurbishment process in which the architect, Ainhoa Hernández, has taken part.

In this phase, an additional four floors have been added directly above the hotel reception desk, along with 16 new rooms in which the materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo play a leading role, above all in the building’s façade.

Light and White colour combinations
The KRIONTM mineral compact has been incorporated into the hotel ventilated façade, along with the building systems by Butech. The state-of-the art Solid Surface covers the façade and part of the building’s structure so that a unique lighting effect is created.

Through the K-Fix system which Butech has counted on for ventilated façades, KRIONTM covers the 256m2 façade. The building stands out because of its minimal design, and furthermore, because of its structure being covered with 130 linear metres of beams from KRIONTM.

The KRIONTM K-Life Lux 1100 series, the purest white colour in KRIONTM, outlines the shape of the building, as well as creating a balanced contrast between the main part and the façade. The resistance, durability, easy-to-clean properties and low maintenance have made this compact material become the ideal solution for façades. The K-Life technology: Eco-Active Solid Technology Kreast; makes this project sustainable because of its ability to purify the air.

The expert professionals in building systems from Butech and KRIONTM have worked alongside Ainhoa Arquitectura on the implementation of this project.

Luxury and comfort, well thought-out down to the very last detail.

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