From Greece to the Himalayas with the signature bathrooms from L’Antic Colonial

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From Greece to the Himalayas with the signature bathrooms from L’Antic Colonial
Tuesday, June 11, 2019Description :

The PORCELANOSA Grupo company has worked alongside companies and interior design studios such as the Yonoh Studio, Jorge Herrera and Thomas Capezzone.

Natural wood and marble are just some of the exclusive materials that the company offers for these types of atmospheres.

Stone and natural wood lead the way in the bathrooms from L’Antic Colonial. The PORCELANOSA Grupo company has offered several collections with exclusivity and the signature design setting the standard.

The company has counted on the work done by renowned designers and interior design studios for the creation of its most sophisticated pieces. A clear example of this is the Column collection, a project which has been a joint-effort with the Yonoh Studio in which we recall western origins through natural stone.

Divided into three sections: Column Stand, Set Column and Column Structure; each of the pieces which make up this collection present the Neve di Carrara, Persian White and Habana Dark finishes which in turn can be combined with black elements.
In the Column Stand, the doric columns from the Ancient Greece are reproduced, whereas in the Set Column, history goes a step further with the incorporation of a modern style mirror. A structure on which the Column Structure is based, whose main body is made up of two surfaces made of stone and wood which adapt to any type of space.

An intercultural trip to the east and the west
If in Column the last stop is Greece, in the Himalayas collection by Thomas Capezzone, users will reach the Himalayas mountain range through the Neve di Carrara marble. Its pure white is intermingled with greyish veining which creates stately bathrooms which are inspired by the snowy landscapes of this mountain range.

The designer, Jorge Herrera, is another of the collaborating companies from L’Antic Colonial. His personal view and his artistic sensitiveness are portrayed in the Balda collection, whose main piece consists of a natural stone basin on a structure with two natural wood worktops.

Among the accessories, it is worth highlighting the large-size mirrors (Balda Mirror) and hand mirrors (Balda Hand Mirror), which can be placed on the worktop itself. It is also worth mentioning Balda Can, Balda Bandeja S and Balda Bandeja L. All these pieces are available in the Crema Italia, Habana Dark and Neve di Carrara finishes. As well as that, Roble Natural and Nogal Americano play the leading role in natural wood.

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