Bathrooms inspired by Starwood

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Bathrooms inspired by Starwood
Tuesday, June 4, 2019Description :

All the series in this collection create cosy atmospheres with their 26 tonalities and their 22 different graphics.

Its look emulates natural wood, but it comes with greater resistance through the ceramic properties and its Outdoor technology.

PORCELANOSA Grupo Starwood ceramic wood has become one of the favourite materials for the bathroom. The warmth of each of its collections: Tanzania, Nebraska, Minnesota, Vancouver, Nairobi and Namibia; its ceramic properties and its 22 different graphics increase the feeling of seclusion in these types of spaces.

Out of all the series, Vancouver and Namibia are the most sought-after, since their digital reliefs inspire and emulate the veining of the purest wood. This natural touch which provides so much privacy for the bathrooms can be found in both floor tiles and wall tiles. Its four sizes: 25cm x 150cm, 16.5cm x 15cm and 22cm x 90cm and 14.3cm x 90cm (Smart option) adapt to any type of project due to the versatility and resistance of the pieces.

The return to the millenary forests
The Vancouver collection is defined by its shade variation and streaks, reminiscent of that ancestral wood found in the lush and virgin forests in Europe. The Honey tone from Vancouver or the Honey from Nairobi next to Tanzania Natural enhance user wellness by means of the luminosity and balance which their pieces have.

A line which also features the Noa Minnesota Ash and the Ice Nebraska Tea wall tile decors, whose shapes revitalise and expand the aesthetic possibilities of the bathrooms in each of their designs. Sobriety and timelessness are the two adjectives which define the bathrooms done with Starwood ceramic wood, whose Outdoor technology allows it to be installed in outdoor areas because the product remains intact when up against high temperatures and rain.

Its composition provides architects and interior designers with confidence, since they can unify the different rooms through a resistant, innovative and sophisticated material.

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