Five original compositions manufactured with Porcelanosa ceramic


Five original compositions manufactured with Porcelanosa ceramic
Tuesday, August 21, 2018Description :

The original compositions are created through brainstorming. Combined through order, this work methodology makes it possible to establish aesthetic shapes with a character all of their own.

That necessity of having the different imaginative designs structured is the starting point of moodboard. An aesthetic base on which a structure design is created and that will make it possible to combine textures, styles and colours which tell their own story.

It is in this way that Porcelanosa creates one-off atmospheres which stand out because of the carefully worked combination of their pieces. Inspiration for professionals and individuals alike who seek unique interiors. A multidisciplinary view of space and time.

Moodboard 1. Natural warmth
Nature shows its purest side with the combination of warm materials, such as the Melbourne or Delaware wall tiles and floor tiles, which belong to the Par-Ker ceramic parquet. Inspired by wood, its graining presents finishes which make contrast with the stony roughness of the Antracita collection. Untypical compositions which achieve in enhancing the individual qualities through the combination of opposites.

Moodboard 2. Millenial white
Bianco and Portofino collections by Porcelanosa allow marble surfaces with great brightness to be created. Elegant coverings for bathrooms and kitchens where white inherently plays a leading role, achieving great depth through its dim lines in grey and beige. Millenial sophistication for interiors and exteriors alike. Artistic reading which is unforgettable.

Moodboard 3. Colour neutrality
The Bottega and Pekín wall tiles enhance the materials without stridency and provide order in the sets of furniture made up of wardrobes and dressing rooms. Soft tones which give the different atmospheres calmness and harmony.

Moodboard 4. Hand-crafted care
The Marbella Blue hydraulic tiles have become the perfect solution for common areas and kitchens. Their attention to detail combines with the herculean appearance of Park Silver tiles. Craftmanship aimed at everyday enjoyment.

Moodboard 5. Touch diversity

The personality of the wall tiles and floor tiles from Listón Madera collection make an interesting texture contrast with the Ceppo surface. A material which breaks with the established rules and the dualism between flat surfaces and the ones with relief. Daring esthetic for transgressive projects.

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