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Guest Blogger: Slow Design
Saturday, June 22, 2019Description :

By Verónica Delgado, interior designer and blogger of My Leitmotiv.

In recent times, it is fairly common to hear the word ?slow?, and because of daily stress and the fact of being under pressure, this word seems to remind us about how everything goes so fast, and how we need to put a handbrake on our lives. We would all like to enjoy a ?slow food? time, or to have an everyday ?slow life?. Since it turns out to be fairly complicated, we spend the whole week looking forward to the weekend in order to enjoy the family breakfast, and of course, our home.

However, could we make reference to the slow design? In fact, design is not time limited, thus, design cannot be stopped, however, it may greatly help us turn those quiet moments into much more pleasant ones, as you can see for yourselves by looking at this image. A lounge whose grey tone finishes make you pay attention to either a comfortable armchair or the chimney, thus, making for a highly peaceful atmosphere. Both the flooring and the wall tiles are Amsterdam Grey limestone by L’ Antic Colonial.

Our environment is something necessary for achieving that mood, which is needed when we want to switch off from daily stress, hence, should we speak about decoration or interior design, we must be very aware of the things surrounding us, since they are everything at home. With regard to exteriors, we must pay special attention when opting for a floor tile, for instance. To begin with, not all floor tiles provide us with the elegance and distinction we are looking for, and furthermore, not all are going to turn our terrace into the most desired place at home at this time of year. A suitable format, attractive colours and high quality are the features offered by the Ascot collection, done by Porcelanosa by means of its Ascot Grey or Ascot Teca models.

One must have in mind the chosen materials for tiles or the relevant colours and textures to help, where, after introducing ourselves into an atmosphere, it seems that time has stopped.Surely on more than one occasion you have noticed a feeling of both calmness and well-being after entering a bathroom or living room. This sensation, a feeling of comfort that is given off by the wood finishes or the warm tones of winter and the fresh tones of summer, is what is going to help achieve the feeling of the world has stopped, as well as only wanting to be at home, our home. In the Amazon Collection by Venis we can find these really warm and cosy tones, those that come to us in the ?slow? moments in our lives. If you are wondering about how you can transfer this philosophy to your homes, then look no further than the PORCELANOSA Grupo, who make everything so easy for you in this regard.In this bathroom, there is a feeling of calmness provided by both the texture and the colour scheme from the limestone Montreal Classico BPT by L’ Antic Colonial, and as well as that, you can also see how well it combines with the Square Aged mosaic Wood.Like everything, in order to achieve something, the first thing you must be sure about is to know exactly what you really want, and furthermore, you must look for the way to achieve it. If our day-to-day lives demand peace and quiet, but upon arriving home it is nowhere to be found, surely it is the surroundings that are having a strong influence on proceedings, so to speak. Perhaps your home needs an important change, or maybe a slight change could be the key to your home being a calmer place, where after arriving home, or going in the bathroom for that end of the day shower, we find ourselves with that feeling of gratitude. The small details are magnified when our house is turned into the home that we have always wished for. The tiles for the facing regarding the images that you are going to see later, are a good example of how our bathroom can show off its ?slow? philosophy. In the first, the placid colour limestone is available in the Tribeca limestone model, and the warmth that the wood presents in the next picture corresponds to the Ascot Arce material, both by Porcelanosa.Since a house and a home are simply not the same, a home is the perfect tool for covering all of our necessities, and as well as this, if you want to introduce into you day-to-day lives the ?slow? way of life, you only need to think about the importance of everything that surrounds you.I do hope you have found this article helpful. See you all very soon.

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