Xlight by Urbatek redefines the aesthetics of ceramic façades

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Xlight by Urbatek redefines the aesthetics of ceramic façades
Thursday, May 22, 2014Description :

The most striking feature of any buildings is its façade, given its aesthetic power and visual impact on city skylines. On a technical level, the building’s walls help to save energy within the setting.

The excellent technical performance of XLight by Urbatek makes it a popular option for façades in new buildings and renovation projects. The light weight and easy handling of façades as well as its large dimensions which reduce installation times and expenses are just some of the qualities which have conquered architects from all over the world.

The highest safety of large format pieces in bonded and ventilated façades is ensured as the XLight through-body slimline porcelain comes with fibreglass mesh on the back, preventing debris from falling in the event of any breakage. The risk of breakages is reduced thanks to a meticulous installation system which uses adhesive material for conventional façades and a resistant anchoring system developed by Butech for ventilated façades, by means of concealed or visible staples.

The ventilated façade system has become more and more popular with architects as it saves energy and is able to create an air chamber between the exterior façade covered with XLight and the inner wall.

During the warmer months, the air within this space heats up and rises so fresh air can pass through. Notwithstanding, during winter months, the air doesn’t reach a high enough temperature to perform the same procedure so the ventilated façade works as a heat accumulator. As a consequence, energy costs for acclimatising the building are cheaper thanks to the system’s insulation capacity combined with through-body slimline porcelain by Urbatek.

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