Vintage canvas stretched


Vintage canvas stretched
Description :

Protective cloth for the harvest.

The grape harvest: an ephemeral but primordial moment to obtain a quality wine.

To protect your seasonal workers during this milestone, GRAND VOILE has designed a waterproof and demountable protective cover for you.

After the summer heat which allows the grapes to reach maturity, place in autumn and its climatic vagaries.

Protect your machines and men with our removable systems, adaptable to your project.

Our harvest protection covers are made of PVC coated polyester fabric for a weight of about 680g / m2.

They have a fire resistance M2 (regulation for establishments receiving from the public for the outside - ERP).

The coating of the fabric gives it a longer durability and allows easy cleaning with soapy water and micro fiber fabrics (found in all shops).

At the end of life, the fabrics are completely recyclable thanks to the Texyloop process set up by Serge Ferrari.

A wide range of colors is available to best integrate the canvas into your environment.

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