Capital Squarus


Capital Squarus
Description :

The marquee SQUARUS adapts to any environment.

SQUARUS is a range of capitals declined in 3 standard sizes:

- SQUARUS 200: 200m2.

- SQUARUS 150: 150m2.

- SQUARUS 60: 60m2.

The simplicity of its architecture allows

 In the SQUARUS marquee to adapt in natural, windy or

Saline and enhance your event.

SQUARUS is a lightweight tent adaptable to all types of soil thanks to different types of anchors: rocaille, sand, concrete, etc. The

Sticks and the 2 masts of the SQUARUS are Confers a very good resistance to the wind, up to 120 km / hour. These marquees, entirely made in France in our workshops, are approved by the BVCTS (Verification Office of the Marquees, Tents and Structures).

The SQUARUS marquees can be assembled and disassembled by two or three operators with a simple tooling. Once dismantled, the SQUARUS marquees are easily stored and transported.

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