OC70 by AMCC: The aluminum range with hidden opening makes the most of the thermal comfort and the design


OC70 by AMCC: The aluminum range with hidden opening makes the most of the thermal comfort and the design
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In recent years, aluminum joinery has attracted more and more French people. With an increase of more than 6% in market share in 10 years *, they are required both in new and in renovation. Combining both thermal and aesthetic benefits, AMCC's OC70 aluminum range fits perfectly within the framework of the energy renovation plan, with a target of 500,000 homes per year by 2017.

Equipped with a central thermal shield, AMCC's OC70 range of concealed-opening windows and patio doors offer exceptional airtightness with:

• a 70 mm frame with thermal bridge breaking, the additional thermal shield ensures optimum thermal quality as standard (Uw of 1.4W / (m2.K),

• a concealed hatch with a thermal shield comprising a 28 mm glazing filled with argon gas and a hot-melt thermal insert fitted as standard,

• a triple barrier of joints at the rate of two on the door leaf and one on the frame for a water and airtightness optimized over time.

Thanks to the triple seal barrier, the AMCC OC70 range successfully passes the infiltrometry tests. With an AEV rating of A * 4-E * 7A-V * C2 and its exceptional thermal performance, it provides an adapted response to the requirements of the BBC and RT 2012 standards, see beyond.

Reliability, safety and durability

For unrivaled durability and reliability, the AMC OC70 window and window frames are assembled using a crimping bracket. Associated with an additional seal in the opening and the use of a two-component adhesive in the corners, the profile is thus reinforced and its sealing guaranteed.

As woodwork is an essential element in the safety of a home, OC70 windows and patio doors are equipped with self-rotating mushroom rollers that fit into the metal strikes. They thus have an anti-detachment function in the closed position, guaranteeing safety in the event of an attempted break-in.

The AMC OC70 range also has a high resistance to corrosion and climatic variations. Unaffected by the weather, windows and patio doors will retain their elegant design for a long time.

Trendy design and personalization

Remarkable for their thermal performance, aluminum joinery is also essential thanks to their aesthetic qualities. With the AMCC OC70 range, architects will finally be able to give free rein to their imagination to meet the most demanding architectural concepts.

Innovative, the system of the concealed sash guarantees a fineness of the profiles and confers a certain elegance to the carpentry. With a thickness of only 91 mm, the central pillar optimizes the clearance of glazing to offer a luminosity greater than 20% compared to a conventional window. Ideal for renovation on wooden frame, this solution makes it possible to maintain at least the initial brightness, a not insignificant asset. This fineness of the profiles combined with the resistance of the aluminum allows the construction of windows with double or triple glazing for an optimal insulation.

For an impeccable finish down to the last detail, AMCC has eliminated all use of hinges and has chosen to equip the OC70 range with symmetrical high-end fittings.

Finally, to adapt to the tastes and colors of each one, to harmonize with the interior decoration or to respect the regional architectural constraints, AMCC's OC70 range can be declined infinitely in a wide range of colors (all colors RAL and Anodized) and even in a two-color version.

Elegance and finesse of aluminum profiles, optimal technical performance and unlimited customization, AMCC's range of windows and patio doors OC70 relies on quality to give a unique character to the collective or individual home.

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