Storistes de France presents Renobloc®, the latest generation renovation roller shutter equipped with a solar powered motor

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Storistes de France presents Renobloc®, the latest generation renovation roller shutter equipped with a solar powered motor
Wednesday, July 16, 2014Description :

The renewable energy reserve is inexhaustible, clean and free, the sun is an ecological and economical alternative for the operation of roller shutter motorization.

The Storistes de France network, sensitive to the expectations of its customers in the field, is developing the installation of the new Rénobloc® solar-powered roller shutter, an ideal solution for an eco-responsible renovation and guaranteed autonomy.

Designed for renovations, Rénobloc® solar-powered shutters are fitted to windows and patio doors without a shutter. Placed under the lintel, they install without degrading the facade.

Equipped with photovoltaic cells, they allow to take advantage of the comfort of electric shutters motorized without installation constraint, due to the absence of electrical wirings.

Their energy independence makes it possible to install them even in places that are not accessible and not connected to the electricity grid, such as a hut or a workshop in a garden.

Totally autonomous and reliable, the shutters work even in the event of a power cut on the sector and their use offers all the flexibility of the radio technology.

Rénobloc® with solar power plant combines all the advantages to carry out renovation works simple and effective in terms of thermal, ecological and economic:

- Easy adaptation to all types of construction

- Can be realized on bays up to 4 meters wide

- Aesthetic and discreet with two types of chests and many colors

- Flexibility of use and total autonomy

- Clean and fast work

Designed for all types of facades

Solar-powered Rénobloc flaps adapt to all types of windows and patio doors, regardless of the width of the flap, a single screw at each end is sufficient to effectively maintain the underside of the boot. Their optimized design offers a maximum daylight, allowing the light to enter the room.

In order to play harmony with the frame, the chests are available in two designs: pan cut at 45 ° or quarter-round, and are provided with discrete fixings. When the flap is fully retracted, the final blade retracts into the trunk to become invisible.

Rénobloc® solar powered is available in 18 shades of blades, and 6 shades of chests, including the golden oak color that perfectly imitates the appearance of the wood, to blend discreetly on an old facade. As an option, all RAL colors are also available in three finishes: gloss, satin or sandblasted. At the level of the style, the 1/4 round chests are available in 150, 180 and 205 and the cut sides, in 137, 150, 165,180 and 205.

A guaranteed technique

Rénobloc® solar powered motor has an Oximo electronic motor guaranteed 5 years. The lead-free NiMH battery, guaranteed for 2 years, operates in extreme temperatures: -20 ° to + 70 °. It is possible to disable the battery to limit the discharge of the battery.

The Silicium Amorphe solar panel, guaranteed for 5 years, is effective even on cloudy days. It is advisable to install a sign for a house located south of the Loire and two panels north of the Loire. South exposure is recommended but not mandatory.

The shutters wind from the outside. The minimum width is 700 mm with a solar panel, and 1100 mm with two panels. Equipped with extruded aluminum blades, the surface of the shutter must not exceed 3 m², and 6 m² in another material.

Secure control

Rénobloc® with solar power plant benefits from all the manufacturing qualities of the range of rolling shutters Storistes de France: resistance to wind, endurance, resistance to sunlight, occultation, handling comfort, shock resistance and resistance to corrosion.

The ADP42 deck blades represent the ideal compromise between winding compactness and wind resistance. For better reliability, the blades are locked laterally and slide thanks to galvanized steel guide flanges integrated in the trunk tulips.

Rénobloc® solar benefits from the range of automation and radio control RTS: wall or portable remote controls, clocks and group controls. It is also compatible with solar and temperature sensors for home thermal management.

Thermal Efficiency Eligible for the Tax Credit

Rénobloc® with solar motor offers a very good additional thermal resistance. This varies according to the type of blade chosen:

PVC: 0.24 m² K / W

- ADP: 0.18 m² K / W

- ADP Th: 0.25 m²K / W

A seal is integrated under the final blade and in the slides and, in view of their thermal performance, the flaps are eligible for the tax credit according to the tax provisions in force.

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