The Eliminator® filter from SENTINEL eliminates all debris from the heating system


The Eliminator® filter from SENTINEL eliminates all debris from the heating system
Thursday, April 10, 2014Description :
For more than 25 years, SENTINEL Performance Solutions has been offering products and equipment that, in order to optimize the efficiency of heating systems, reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Perennial equipment, economy and interior comfort, this is the promise of this European leader who designs ever safer and more innovative solutions. SENTINEL Performance Solutions is a reference on the European market for water treatment solutions for heating systems, with a revolutionary product, the Eliminator® filter. Spotlight on this innovative solution, available in 22 mm (olive fittings) or in 3/4 '' (screw fittings) ...

High-performance cyclonic technology to combat all types of debris !
Because central heating systems use water as a heat transfer fluid, they are weakened by the risks associated with the accumulation of various deposits thus conveyed in piping, radiators and underfloor heating floors (black iron oxides, Layers of tartar, non-ferrous metal chips, paint particles, etc.). These debris causes sludge to cause losses in heating efficiency, failures and breakdowns in heating equipment (boilers, circulator, etc.). The filter developed by SENTINEL includes a high-performance and innovative technology to eliminate all suspended debris, magnetic and non-magnetic, detrimental to the proper functioning of the central heating system.

A powerful cyclonic action
The Quadra-Cyclone® technology integrated in the upper part of the filter is made up of four hydrocyclones swirling the water entering it and separating all the debris and particles by centrifugal force. Clean water is pushed to the outlet of the cyclone as the debris falls into the tank. The true revolution of this system is the presence of four cyclones where water flows faster than with a single large cyclone. Indeed, the smaller the cyclone size, the faster the swirl and the greater the centrifugal force. This, in the case of the Eliminator®, results in a greater and accelerated separation of all suspended particles, even the finest ones. Thus, thanks to Quadra-Cyclone® technology, the Eliminator® offers an increased filtration capacity of all types of debris present in water, magnetic and non-magnetic.

An ingenious system of magnets

Four powerful magnets are placed strategically in the filter tank to ensure perfect separation of filtration functions from debris retention. Thus the debris separated in the cyclones and gravity dropped into the reservoir are trapped by the magnets which, by their number and arrangement, provide a wider magnetic field that is effective in capturing and retaining even more magnetic debris. By preventing them from re-polluting the clean water coming out of the filter. This design, eliminating any risk of blockage, also ensures continuous circulation even when the tank is full.

Improved technical performance to perfect the Eliminator® revolution
The Eliminator® filter combines state-of-the-art technology with improved technical qualities!

- A system of double joints gives this water treatment tool an unrivaled watertightness to eliminate any risk of leakage (the water must pass through two individual joints before being extracted from the filter).

- Two cleaning options are now possible and are easy and fast: either by the drain valve or by unscrewing the debris tank to clean the filter.
Handy, practical, easy to assemble and use !
Powerful and powerful, this equipment is nevertheless practical and easy to use thanks to an audacious design.

After connecting the drain valve and mounting the isolation valves to the piping, the filter body is simply screwed to the connection T, ensuring ease of installation. The equipment (1.5 kg) is particularly handy and adaptable to any orientation of the piping, an obvious advantage for some complex installations.

With over forty years of experience, Vergne Innovation, specialized in the design and manufacture of boilers, is positioning itself as a key player in climate engineering based in Treignac (19260). Within this company, Philippe Mauler, commercial, was able to test the reliability of the Eliminator® filter proposed by SENTINEL Performance Solutions.

"By installing a boiler from Vergne, it seemed important to treat the heating water in order to avoid the accumulation of debris and the resulting defects on the equipment thus put in place.

The Eliminator® filter is very easy to install, even if its diameter remains high. It is also a complete equipment because the company provides shut-off valves on each side of the filter, as well as olive fittings; This is a very practical tool.

Finally, by studying the filter after its implementation, one notices its remarkable efficiency: the volume of impurities present in the Eliminator® filter proves its treatment action on heating water and the quality of its technology, Of the performance of the facilities. "

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