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Platinum Smart-Heat Gas
Tuesday, July 30, 2013Description :
Bromic Heating's new Platinum Smart-Heat gas heater is perfect for heating your parties indoors or outdoors. Available in natural gas or propane, it comes with a new intelligent security system to ensure you unparalleled safety. Integrated in all our models, electronic safety systems control the flame and shut off the gas supply when it is not active, for example in the event of an automatic or programmed restart.

The Platinum Smart-Heat gas heater gives you a unique comfort, which is ensured by the passage of radiating emissions through a tinted ceramic plate. This system allows a uniform diffusion of the heat rays to give you a warm and friendly atmosphere whatever the room.

The new system incorporates a double thickness of heat deflector which makes it possible to install your gas heating terrace as well near the ground as height. Equipped with adjustable wall fixings and adaptable to any type of ceilings, you can direct the heat flow according to your desires. The wall brackets guarantee a high degree of adaptability. The heaters in the Platinum Smart-Heat range can be positioned in all kinds of environments, indoors and outdoors: scattered heat remains homogeneous even with winds up to 18 km / h.

The combination of brushed stainless steel and ceramic plate gives your gas heating a modern and elegant design both indoors and outdoors. With its system transforming the red light produced by the heating into a soft and pleasant glow, this exceptional heating will soften your evenings while adding a touch of design to your interior (or your outside).

The new gas heater Platinum Smart-Heat series, the perfect combination of quality, safety, design and comfort!

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