New in 2013: with the Fairo ECO-line 60, 65 and 70, the chimney fires are invited in the sparsely spaced


New in 2013: with the Fairo ECO-line 60, 65 and 70, the chimney fires are invited in the sparsely spaced
Saturday, October 5, 2013Description :
Kal-fire expands its range of closed gas fireplaces with three new models of reduced size that offer several ingenious advantages to the user? Even if it were to dissipate in smoke the last arguments of the spirits little convinced by gas!

When "chimney" rhymes with "modernity" ...

The benefits of a gas fireplace? A true fire of chimney without obligation to reload it of wood or to clean it? Are increasingly appreciated. At the touch of a button, the flames light up, dance and immediately heat the room. In addition, combustion can be planned accurately.

With the new fireplaces of small size and different shapes of the brand Kal-fire, chimney fires adapt even more to the lifestyles of city dwellers by integrating the financial and spatial constraints that are very often inherent in them. The three models are distinguished above all by their windows? Front with a width of 60 cm, two faces with a width of 65 cm and a fold at 90 °, and three faces with a width of 70 cm and a fold on both sides. All three are equipped with a 3D burner that provides more depth to the flames. The iMatch remote control is sober and simple to use and can be connected to an existing home automation system or connected to a smartphone / iPhone.

The future of gas fireplaces is green!

The fireplaces offer a fire adjustment with 8 different heights and an economical mode with a 9th level, a possibility specific to the Fairo ECO-line range. It is an alternating gas supply that keeps beautiful yellow flames while reducing energy consumption by 40%. Like all Fairo ECO-line models, these "little ones" of the range are compatible with passive houses thanks to a performance of at least 82% which requires very little power, a feat made possible by the design Ing system of a sealing system all around the opening of the hearth. Kal-fire now anticipates the European directives of tomorrow.

The time of the bluish-colored gas fires which the meager flame moves mechanically in a device with little aesthetic and the reduced heat-insulating capacity is definitely gone!

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