Storistes de France and Dickson join forces and launch the collection of paintings SUMMUM, an original creation for the network

Storistes de France

Storistes de France and Dickson join forces and launch the collection of paintings SUMMUM, an original creation for the network
Sunday, July 20, 2014Description :
The new SUMMUM collection of outdoor blinds incorporates the latest trends in outdoor decoration, the result of a year of joint work between the No. 1 outdoor technical textiles and the network specialized in bay equipment. It comes in 5 universes inspired by the codes of elegance and naturalness.

In total, 10 new exclusive references make up the SUMMUM range which harmonizes with many plain colors already available in Storistes de France.

- QUARTZ TONIQUE reflects the perfect combination of raw materials and acid tones.

- OPAL BLUE offers all shades of a brilliant blue of freshness.

- ORANGE TOPAZE dresses the terrace with solar tones, amber and vitamin.

- GRIS GRAPHITE draws a sleek, contemporary design that joins the classics.

- COCOA COPPER invites you to travel with warm notes and subdued colors.

Co-designed by Dickson's Style Office and Storistes de France, lacollection SUMMUM plays on opening the boundaries between the interior and exterior of the house. Natural trend on the color side and chic urban design, the stripes of the SUMMUM collection are free of the classic style to offer an elegant and timeless exterior decor. An easy-to-live collection that makes it possible to harmonize the interior decoration with that of the exterior and offers the possibility of dressing both the extra wide blinds blinds and the window blinds standard.

Canvases with exceptional properties and performance that filter up to 100% UV and 99% minimum UVB. For a better thermal comfort they block at least 70% of the solar energy of the rays of the sun and their reflection. Even in light colors, the SUMMUM canvases allow a maximum of 28% of light to pass through, thus avoiding any dazzling sensation.

Inspired by graphic and contemporary motifs, it accompanies the decoration right up to the terrace where it is harmonized in two broad ranges of high-quality and very qualitative cushions for garden furniture.

The COMFORT and EXCELLENCE ranges consist of ten models of cushions of all sizes and sizes (pillows, seats, backrests, sun baths ...). Prepared carefully in France, they can be produced in 15 plain colors that complement the Storistes de France offer and blend perfectly with the new SUMMUM range. They allow to play contrasts or complementarities and transform the terrace awning into a decoration element in its own right that imposes its style in the new living rooms that have become terraces, balconies and gardens.

Especially created in fabrics resistant to water and UV which give them a perfect resistance to colors, the COMFORT cushions offer simple finishes sewing with or without piping, a foam mounting of 30 or 40 mm and are removable by zipper Coordinated. The cushion in the EXCELLENCE range also has a bellows finish with double piping and a foam fitting of 40 or 60 mm with comfort padding. It is also removable with a coordinated zipper.

Florence Filosa, professional Stores in France / Filprotection in Pusignan (69)

"Making the difference to create the difference We wanted to give a spotlight on new trendy canvases with a style appropriate only to our network.

On the basis of the work of the great trends present at the Milan show, we created with Dickson an exclusive offer, whose universe fits in a stylistic vision for the next 3 to 5 years.

This approach is the first of its kind in the French awning market, and was conducted jointly by two leaders, Dickson and Storistes de France, taking into account both trends in international design, field realities and the evolution of market.

This avant-garde collection is accompanied by a strategy of sales deployment. All the affiliates discovered the Summum collection at the beginning of the year during our Assises. All the blinds of the Storistes de France showrooms of the territory were freely re-ennobled to allow customers to discover the models in concrete terms. And each point of sale received the collection in the form of a box-case containing all the canvases harmoniously put forward with our collections of united and the declination of our associated frames. Dickson for his part has been busy at the beginning of the year to convey the universe of this new collection in communication "

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