Range of patio blinds Storistes de France: the practical and efficient accessories that make the difference

Storistes de France

Range of patio blinds Storistes de France: the practical and efficient accessories that make the difference
Sunday, June 8, 2014Description :
The professionals of the Storistes de France network offer a wide range of custom-made terrace blinds labeled "Origine France Garantie". Nine models that, thanks to these different accessories, defy all the constraints to offer a comfortable terrace all the year, in all circumstances and whatever the hour or the season.

Reinforced solar protection, a decorative touch highlighting the architecture of the home, a new living space that can be exploited all year round, comfortable living outside, are all reasons that motivate investment in a Quality terrace shade.

Around its collection of blinds adapted to all styles and all budgets, Storistes de France develops many accessories to improve the comfort of the terraces: roller shutter integrated to the bar of charge of the banner to protect from the shaving sun, lighting by LED lighting incorporated into the armatures of the awning and controllable by remote control, JBL sound module fixed to the trunk connecting to any music source (computer, iPhone, iPad ...), solar motorization for a blind 100% autonomous, misting Specific for blind awning guaranteeing a drop in temperature between 5 and 10 ° on a perimeter of 10 m², and heating ramp with RTS Somfy dimmer.

Practical and powerful accessories that add to the many possible variations of these terrace awnings: made to measure adapted in widths and falls, armatures in aluminum lacquered in standard or sandblasted touch in many colors, many types of fabrics available in one Wide choice of plain, striped or jacquard models, manual operation or radio controlled motorization, automatic wind or wind / sun ... All useful accessories that allow to share friendly moments and to enjoy the terrace throughout the year .

6 accessories to enjoy the terrace throughout the year:

- Specific brumisator for Brumisoft® awning

- Solar power system

- Integrated sound module

- High-tech LED lighting

- Integrated roller shutter

- Heating ramp

Innovative accessories in accordance with the rules of the art by the specialists of the Storistes de France network

Brumisoft®, a curtain of natural freshness

This patented misting system for awning transforms the terrace into an oasis of freshness by lowering the temperature under the awning 5 to 10 degrees in no time and without wetting. Refreshing results from the evaporation of micro-droplets of water in contact with hot air. Natural, it provides an immediate sensation of comfort, improves air quality and plays a preventive role against dust, pollen and insects. The central installation of the module under the awning provides a misty blanket of 10 m².

Equipped with embedded management electronics, Brumisolft® drives from a remote control for turning on and off, as well as for parameterizing the misting cycles. Easy to maintain, to avoid stagnation of water in the various elements, Brumisoft® is equipped with a purge system for the tank and ramps.

Solar drive system, awning

100% autonomous To profit from the blind in an environmentally friendly manner and without energy consumption, professionals Storistes de France propose the installation of a small module of photovoltaic panels that autonomously manages the power supply to the awning. Without wiring (BBC standard), the monocrystalline panels supply two batteries housed in a waterproof electronic box in white lacquered aluminum. The assembly can be attached to the blind, the facade or the roof. In this case the case is offset for more discretion. The awning simply operates with a 24 V motor and a remote control.

Integrated sound module to animate the terrace ambience

Exclusive Stores in France allows to enjoy its music library comfortably installed on the terrace. The integrated sound module is an integrated speaker system that connects an audio player, computer, iPod, iPad or any other music source. It allows to enjoy the exceptional JBL sound outside (2 x 35 W RMS), without constraint.

A suitable lighting as soon as the day declines

To extend pleasantly evenings on the terrace, Storistes de France offers a high-tech lighting system. Economical and ecological LED lighting is integrated in the arms of the awning and controlled from the remote control. The 60 LEDs per linear meter allow a warm white light on the terrace.

A lambrequin to protect the sun shaving in the late afternoon without masking the view

On most models of the range, a rollable valance (direct or electric) is integrated directly into the load bar. When closed, it blends perfectly with the load bar of the banner and becomes invisible.

Perfectly integrated in the blind, it ends with a ball bar which ensures a perfect aplomb of the fabric in open position.

For comfort of vision, Storistes de France offers the Sunvision fabric in acrylic and PVC, with the textile aspect, which allows to take advantage of the sight and the light, while protecting itself from the rays of the sun.

A heating ramp for cool evenings and mid-season

Storistes de France offers a heating ramp with an integrated dimmer (RTS Somfy system), which makes it possible to extend the use of the terrace, from spring to autumn, as in cool evenings, with an efficient heating system. The radiation is close to the spectrum of the sun with a heat modulation of 33% to 100%.

A suitable lighting as soon as the day declines

Vogue, much more than a simple awning ...

Thanks to its numerous high-end equipments, standard or optional, the Vogue awning makes the terrace functional and decompartmentalizes the living space.

Its ultra-contemporary design is combined with an extremely robust manufacturing where every detail has been considered to incorporate the most drastic constraints in terms of wind resistance, thermal performance and ergonomics.

It has a wall or ceiling mounting concept on patented plates, a chest with a rear face that completely protects the canvas and the arms of the awning.

It can be equipped as an option with all accessories Storistes de France and adapts to dimensional capacities ranging from 2.51 to 11.82 m wide by 2.00 (two arms) to 4.00 m (4 arms) width.

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