New boiler Bora Nova HTE from Chappée


New boiler Bora Nova HTE from Chappée
Friday, June 27, 2014Description :
Chappée, a major player in the field of heating in Europe, presents Bora Nova HTE, a new range of oil-fired boilers heir to the legendary Bora boiler, whose one-piece SUM heating unit, exclusive to Chappée, is recognized by All professionals.

Available in three models, 24 kW, 31 kW and 38 kW, Bora Nova HTE is intended for the residential market.

Monobloc body SUM Alu
Bora Nova HTE consists of a monoblock body SUM Alu: its hemispherical shape and the absence of mechanical assembly ensure excellent resistance to pressure and a homogeneous distribution of heat without any risk of leakage.

Bora Nova HTE is the first oil-fired boiler developed by Chappée with an aluminum heater. This innovation has many advantages: excellent thermal conductor, it is much lighter than cast iron, decreasing by one third the total weight of the boiler. Bora Nova HTE is also equipped with a carbon condenser, hydrophobic material resistant to fouling, insensitive to corrosion and high thermal conductivity.

The results are convincing: Bora Nova HTE has a significant level of energy and economic performance, up to 104% annual operating efficiency.

If Bora Nova HTE is particularly distinguished by the choice of its materials and its mastered technology, it retains the qualities of its elder and those specific to the ranges developed by Chappée. Its very modularity gives it a great flexibility and allows to answer all needs efficiently: heating alone, production of domestic hot water, production of solar hot water solar, etc. It is perfectly possible to couple this boiler with a TD thermodynamic balloon 300 EH and to opt for the solar solutions proposed by the Bora Nova HTE range, in order to benefit from a non-negligible help in the tax credit.

Robustness and modularity
By combining robustness, modularity, reduced weight, controlled technology and extended range of accessories, Bora Nova HTE is designed to optimize the comfort of installers during installation and maintenance. The comfort of the user is also taken into account, as evidenced by the user-friendliness of the control unit and the wired or wireless control solutions that are offered.

Bora Nova HTE allows Chappée to enrich its range of condensing oil solar boilers, by bringing major changes adapted to the needs of the user and the expectations of the installer. The 24 kW model has been available since May 2014; The 31 and 38 kW models will be in the last quarter of 2014.

About Chappée
Chappée designs and manufactures heating and domestic hot water production solutions for more than 150 years. Chappée is one of the leaders in the French market, with a European-wide production force. Its range of products meets all needs and takes into account all sources of energy, And by its quality of services - the group relies on a vast network of installers, distributors and technicians. Thanks to the 500 sales outlets and distributors and more than 300 authorized Chappée technical stations, Chappée's business expertise and Chappée heating solutions are within everyone's reach.

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