IsoTop from Lakal, the roller shutter for new constructions


IsoTop from Lakal, the roller shutter for new constructions
Sunday, March 22, 2015Description :
The German manufacturer LAKAL has just released a new roller shutter, ideal for new constructions: IsoTop.

When building new buildings, great importance is attached to the energy balance, particularly with regard to facade insulation and window performance. With the new IsoTop bayonet shutter, LAKAL offers an ideal complement which is characterized by optimum insulation coefficients and high-performance sound insulation. And this, whatever the model used, closed on the inside or with inspection hatch from the inside. In addition, the LAKAL IsoTop is available with BSO version (IsoTop SUN).

With IsoTop, permanent thermal bridges or drafts can be avoided at the time of construction, as is sometimes the case on old houses. All the components of the IsoTop box system are glued together and perfectly waterproof. No air flow can pass, even on the model with inspection hatch from the inside. As for the RE model with an external maintenance door of 100 mm, its box is joined and hence integrated "invisibly" in the room. A real plus, especially for interior fittings.

Energy saving is ensured by molded and cut polystyrene hard foam insulation materials. Unlike polyurethane which degrades over time, this insulation is resistant to wear and weather damage, reinforced by the metal reinforcement inside. These materials therefore meet the most stringent requirements for thermal insulation and climate protection.

IsoTop models are available in box widths from 280 to 365 mm, depending on the type of masonry and the insulation thickness. Thanks to a number of load-bearing elements, such as integrated steel struts or fastening rails, the IsoTop flap is particularly stable even when wind loads are high. A special ceiling anchorage offers an additional stable fixing without major jobs.

LAKAL designed the IsoTop fixing system so that the installation of the prefabricated box on the window can be carried out in only a few steps. Thus, suggestions from the field have been taken into account in order to evolve existing anchoring systems.

LAKAL wanted a flexible design of the IsoTop shutter, in order to be able to integrate on request a multitude of variants of mosquito nets in the system. Thus, whatever the requirements and the mounting options, there is always a suitable solution for the IsoTop shutter.


With 90 years of know-how, LAKAL GmbH has established itself as a leader in the manufacture of roller shutters, garage doors, directional venetian blinds and mosquito nets.

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