Franciaflex integrates new X3D wireless radio technology and expands coverage


Franciaflex integrates new X3D wireless radio technology and expands coverage
Friday, July 25, 2014Description :

An evolution that allows the range of blinds and shutters equipped with the Well'com® motor to interact with many solutions of the market of safety and heating.

This technological change accompanies individuals and professionals in four of their major concerns. Two primary needs are comfort and safety and two needs have emerged more recently with the development of new technologies and increased sensitivity to the environment, energy efficiency and supervision of the installation.

Franciaflex is therefore evolving its range of solutions for piloting equipment in the Bay by equipping its Well'com® program with the new X3D wireless technology. This radio protocol is designed by Delta Dore, the French leader in intelligent radio solutions in the fields of alarm, comfort and control of energy consumption.

This new generation of high-tech equipment allows remote management of all safety and comfort systems in the home.

It simplifies everyday life by controlling the opening automation of shutters, gates, garage doors ... It regulates interior or exterior lighting, watering the garden ... activates or deactivates presence, movement, Video surveillance smoke ... All controllable remotely from any location, in real time, via a computer, a touch pad or a smartphone.

- Comfort and safety of the inhabitants.

- Protection of property and persons.

- Thermal management of the house.

- Energy savings.

Franciaflex guarantees 100% motorization compatible with Delta Dore solutions

The Well'com® and Well'box control points from Franciaflex control the Delta Dore

The evolution of the Well'com® bay equipment management solution offering with the new X3D wireless technology makes it easy to modernize a home without major work.

Simply connect the existing wired equipment (lighting, shutters, blinds, garage doors ...) to simple micro receivers to make them controllable from all Wellcom® control points. Thus, without complex wiring or heavy intervention on the electrical installation, it is possible, for example, to create a back-and-forth for lighting without pulling a wire or changing the switches, or regrouping all the flaps on a general radio control Retaining the original inverters.

In the near future, the Well'box home automation system will even be able to monitor heating and alarm systems on the same interface as blinds and shutters.

This radio technology is easy to install and use, its grip is intuitive.

Delta Dore control points drive Franciaflex products

All transmitters, sensors and control points in the Delta Dore catalog can control Franciaflex blinds and shutters. It becomes childish to create interactions between the products of the bay and other Delta Dore universes such as alarms and heating. Franciaflex blinds and shutters thus participate more actively in the safety of goods and people and the thermal regulation of the house to save energy.

For comfort, the most sophisticated control points in the Delta Dore catalog, such as the touch panel or the home automation gateway, control alarm, heating, lighting, automation, as well as Franciaflex blinds and shutters. This way we have a real centralized dashboard of the electrical equipment of the house.

On the personal safety side, in the event of a fire, the autonomous smoke detector whistles and opens the shutters to preserve the exits and let the rescue enters. As for the security of the goods, the shutters ally with the alarm system by closing when the alarm is activated, opening in case of intrusion to expose the burglar to the view of the passers-by.

Finally, both in winter and in summer, the sensors of sunlight and temperature act on the installation to deploy the blinds before overheating or lower the flaps in winter to avoid heat loss in interaction with the heating instructions .

Well'box: simple, intuitive and unrestricted home automation by Franciaflex

Summum of conviviality, Well'box revolutionizes the use of blinds and shutters. This simple casing instantly turns PC, smartphone or tablet into hyper-intuitive, customizable and playful control screens. The icons and interactive menus guide the installer in the programming phase as well as the individual in his current use to pilot, program or script the operation of his installation. Now backed by the X3D radio protocol, it creates gateways to other universes such as lighting, alarm or heating.

With Well'box, all products can be operated from its couch at home, or from anywhere in the world via the internet, without subscription, application to download, nor any necessary settings of internet access.

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