Fondis launches the Stella III range: "new generation" fireplaces


Fondis launches the Stella III range: "new generation" fireplaces
Sunday, March 22, 2015Description :
FONDIS is at the origin of the new range Stella III purified design, combining power and performance. Based on the latest technological developments, these new generation fireplaces adapt perfectly to all new regulations.

FONDIS develops its Stella III range by introducing four new models of fireplaces in 2015: double face (DF700), vertical (V350), medium (H600) and wide (H1000 ).

All models are available with Standard Technology (STD) suitable for traditional fireplaces. This allows a distribution of hot air in the main room and the adjoining rooms. Equipped with top-of-the-range materials, all the devices in the range are optimally robust and reliable in accordance with operating constraints.

The + of the range

• Steel fireplace

• High-density vermiculite interior

• Connectable air inlet

• Interchangeable nozzle (diam. 180 to 250)

• Waterproof fireplace

• Accurate adjustment of combustion rates

• Large range of fire

• Screen-printed glass (optional: Visiocéram® treated self-cleaning glass)

• Specific system for horizontal opening

• Retractable door and great flexibility when opening

• Available with adjustable sleeve and prism coverings

The Stella III fireplaces benefit from all the expertise of FONDIS. Optimum performance, longer than 10 hours with a single loading of wood, precise control of the burning rate, retractable door, Visioceram® self-cleaning glass and refractory stone walls for cleaner combustion and pure fire ... Stressed By a flat glass screen, these new fireplaces respond with refinement to all configurations of arrangement!

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