Entrance doors Hörmann 2014: openings on BBC buildings, passive and positive


Entrance doors Hörmann 2014: openings on BBC buildings, passive and positive
Tuesday, July 22, 2014Description :
Hörmann, the European leader in the manufacture of doors, door frames, door and door frames for homes, industry and the tertiary sector, is once again looking for high-performance thermal and safety solutions. All its expertise.

Hörmann offers three new models of entrance doors with a particularly sophisticated design and at the top of all the performances: ThermoPro Plus, ThermoSafe and ThermoSafe, which combine optimum safety standards and demanding thermal performance standards. ThermoCarbon. Discovery...

ThermoPro Plus entrance door: insulation at the top

With a heat transfer value U of up to 0.8 W / (m².K), Hörmann's new ThermoPro Plus entry doors provide sustainable energy savings and can be integrated into a project BBC (Building Low Consumption).

The secret of the excellent thermal insulation of this model lies in its structure itself. Indeed, the ThermoPro Plus entrance door consists of a door panel made of 65 mm thick steel, injected with polyurethane foam, with opening frame made of composite material. The energy efficiency is then reinforced by the aluminum frames with thermal breakage and the triple level of waterproofing, as well as by a triple glazing with thermal insulation.

And of course, safety is also on the agenda of these ThermoPro Plus doors: as standard with a 5-point locking system with hook bolts, they can be equipped with CR class 2 anti-intrusion equipment as an option. , The opening frame profile, made of composite material, permanently prevents any deformation of the door panel.

Note that another Hörmann exclusivity equips this door: in the event of an impact, the triple safety insulating glazing will break without sharp edges, considerably reducing the risk of injury.

As for comfort and daily use, the doors are equipped with a ¼ turn latch with a particularly quiet closing.

In order to suit all tastes, the ThermoPro Plus entrance doors come in six patterns, ten preferential colors and four Decograin decors.

Thanks to their door panel flush not only on the outside, but also on the inside, the ThermoPro Plus doors perfectly match the other doors of the home.

Always concerned with a successful design for sublime architecture, Hörmann also offers a matching design, in case of front doors and garage installed on the same front gable: two of the patterns, with lateral parts and impost glass, are assorted Sectional garage doors with grooves M.


Aluminum entrance door ThermoSafe: the answer for low-energy houses

This new Hörmann aluminum entrance door is equipped with a 73 mm one-piece door panel, injected with rigid PU foam with an opening frame made of aluminum with thermal breakage in order to guarantee top insulation, reinforced by a Double sealing.

With an insulation coefficient U of up to 0.8 W / (m².K), it comes in 15 patterns from the current range of Hörmann aluminum entrance doors.

This highly aesthetic aluminum door comes with Hörmann exclusivity with triple thermal glazing, safety glass inside and outside.

In addition, this door is equipped with a 5-point H5 lock with anti-skidding points on the hinge side (3D) and optionally Hörmann offers anti-intrusion equipment in CR 2 or CR 3 classes. For the mechatronic locks, the transfer of current and data is carried out wirelessly from the door frame to the door panel.

The profiled cylinder is protected against any attempted drilling or tearing by the patented outer rosette. It is also equipped with an emergency and danger function to unlock the door when a key is engaged on the inside. This cylinder is supplied with 5 reversible keys. In standard version, the safety rosette is supplied in white traffic RAL 9016 or in stainless steel for colored doors.

The ThermoSafe entrance doors come standard with an elegant Rondo interior handle painted in white. As an option, it is also available in stainless steel, in RAL color as desired, as well as in Caro or Okto, both made of stainless steel.


Aluminum entrance door ThermoCarbon: the ideal solution for passive houses

This new Hörmann reference with masked hinges for an elegant interior design anticipates regulations and is thus perfectly suitable for passive houses. With a 100 mm aluminum one-piece door panel injected with rigid PU foam and interior opening frame, ThermoCarbon offers exceptional thermal insulation with a U-value up to 0.47 W / (m².K)!

The thermal bridge is broken due to the internal profile of the opening frame made of a composite material reinforced with glass fiber and carbon, guaranteeing maximum thermal insulation and rigidity. ThermoCarbon also shows a triple level of sealing with double peripheral seal and an aluminum frame of 111 mm with thermal break. In addition, another exclusive Hörmann, this door is available in quadruple thermal glazing, safety glass inside and outside.

On the safety side, ThermoCarbon is equipped with a 9-point H9 lock and is optionally available with CR 4 class anti-intrusion equipment. For mechatronic locks, the current and data transfer is carried out wirelessly from the frame To the door panel, guaranteeing even greater safety.

Finally, we note that ThermoCarbon is available in 15 modern design patterns including 11 flush handle designs (stainless steel or aluminum) integrated in the panel.

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