Cancel zero: doors that mingle in the wall by FerreroLegno.


Cancel zero: doors that mingle in the wall by FerreroLegno.
Saturday, October 26, 2013Description :
The cancel zero is the new collection of doors totally flush with the wall that FerreroLegno unveils in Milan at MadeExpo 2013.

Canceling zero embodies the ability of brands to offer a highly functional range of production, specifically designed to meet rapidly changing aesthetic and architectural needs, and to satisfy different stylistic preferences and the wide variety of lifestyles that characterize the modern home .

The zero cancellation is a solution of excellence in terms of quality and detail, designed to ensure an aesthetic result of refining as well as effortless installation of leash in the yard.

Contemporary minimalism, design research, quality and innovative finishes are the salient features of the door to cancel zero, an architectural element that can blend in the wall thanks to its newly designed telaio A_Filo (rinse- To-the-wall).

Made from high quality aluminum, the new frame undergoes a phospho-chromate (or passivation) treatment that provides greater protection against corrosive factors and facilitates the subsequent finishing process.

The frame is fixed to the wall or plasterboard quickly and easily by an ad hoc attachment system.

A_Filo is also available without cross-member upper, providing an elegant alignment of the ceiling panel.

By canceling zero, the total purity of the form is interpreted by FerreroLegno and made unique by exclusive finishes; In this way, this rinse-to-wall door acquires a new identity: it does not disappear, but rather it becomes an object of conception that is essential, significant and captivating.

The aesthetic proposal is characterized by new and refined finishes in natural nut and natural oak with null chandelier effect; A choice of 16 color tones in 100% high-gloss polyester lacquer; A choice of over 200 matt colors, and a raw door leaf that can be customized with many different finishing options (tempera, plaster, wall paper, etc.).

The zero cancellation is available in traction and thrust versions, from 60 to 100 centimeters wide, up to 290 centimeters in height.

A magnetic lock is a standard feature for this door and its invisible hinges can be adjusted along three axes to ensure perfect planar alignment with the wall.

Cancel zero by FerreroLegno: the rinse-to-the-wall door becomes a pure design object!

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