Butech under-floor heating: a natural warm feeling

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Butech under-floor heating: a natural warm feeling
Tuesday, October 16, 2018Description :

Today there are innovative heating alternatives that go beyond conventional radiators. The electric under-floor heating by Butech, a firm belonging to the PORCELANOSA Grupo, consists of an electric mesh which is placed under the floor, and a thermostat, which regulates the temperature depending customer preferences. One of its particularities is that it transmits heat in the same way as the sun, where, instead of heating the air in the room, it does so directly to people and objects that are in direct contact with the floor. The feeling is really pleasant and welcoming as well; the distribution of heat is uniform throughout the room.

The advantages of under-floor heating compared to conventional radiators
Natural heat. Under-floor heating warms objects and people, not the air. The feeling achieved is pleasant and natural warmth that the user quickly appreciates through contact with the floor.

Freedom of design. Under-floor heating is invisible. It is not necessary to think if the design of the radiators goes well with the decoration, which allows for a far more creative and efficient space. As well as that, neither does it have to take into account the increase in height of the floor since the cables are only 1.8mm thick and they are hidden in the adhesive layer.

Minimum installation cost and easy maintenance. Underfloor heating is possibly one of the best heating systems; and in the case of electrical systems, the one with the lowest installation and maintenance costs.

Safety and hygiene. The absence of wall radiators favours safety at home because of not having any obstacles or hard-edged metal elements to worry about. As well as that, it also improves air quality, due to the reduction in the circulation of dust that is achieved with under-floor heating.

Energy efficiency. A lower air temperature than standard radiators is used, which means less heat loss and higher efficiency for maintaining comfort levels. In this way costs are reduced, with a saving up to 15% on the energy bill.

Quality and guarantee. Butech heating systems come with lifetime guarantees, and they are leaders in the sector. Warmup, a leading company in these types of services, has designed and tested this technology specifically with the highest quality materials and advanced control algorithms in order to offer comfort and efficiency.

The Butech intelligent thermostat: easy to use, easy to set up
Although most smart thermostats allow for heating to be controlled from a smartphone, Butech goes further by incorporating the integrated energy waste reduction technology. The thermostat is simple to use, and it allows for easy and simple control of the underfloor heating without it having to be programmed. Aesthetically speaking, it is designed to be integrated into any type of project, thanks to its glass effect front and beveled chrome edges that reflect the colours of the wall. The touch screen is, in addition, custom-made, with a Wi-Fi network being ample for the download. Another advantage is its geolocation function through which the temperature can be regulated depending on whether the user is approaching or moving away from the home.

This Butech Premium thermostat works with the MyUFH application by butech, available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. As well as that, the my.butech.net web application can be used.

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