Wooden basins: naturalness and warmth in the bathroom

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Wooden basins: naturalness and warmth in the bathroom
Tuesday, August 2, 2016Description :

Both naturalness and harmony, together with materials and comfort, are key for designing bathrooms. The main objective of the interior design in such spaces is to provide the room with a feeling of both tranquillity and freshness.

The choice of materials is crucial for passing on those emotions, and furthermore, to make the bathroom an area in which we can both relax and make ourselves feel really at home.

Thus, trends are directed towards the use of wood in bathroom equipment, aiming at being in harmony with the atmosphere, along with conveying the feeling of home. Wood gives warmth and life to the spaces, adapting to all environments, as well as providing elegance and bringing nature into the interior design.

That is why PORCELANOSA Grupo proposes, through its firm, L’Antic Colonial, the basin and Minim Wood furniture collection where wood is shown as the main element in the bathroom.

Minim Wood is a new version of the Minim series by Ramon Esteve, in which the architect uses this material to provide his models with a greater sense of both lightness and proximity.

Minim Wood: minimalism with Wood finishes
The lightness which natural wood transmits is combined with both straight and clean lines from the Minim Wood basin collection, and this results in getting a minimalist design that mixes both the natural and intimate touch with the present appearance.

The Minim basins are available in different formats and models, which, if combined, result in unique and elegant designs, with infinite possibilities. Wall hung or floor mounted furniture which allow for merging various basins and countertop units. As well as that, double compositions can be created.

Four oak wood colours (Snow Oak, Beige Oak, Grey Oak and Earth Oak) that fit perfectly with four other stone types ranging from the purest white Persian White marble to the dark Habana Dark, through the Crema Italia and the Grey Stone.

The result is a minimalist and cosy bathroom, which is adaptable to any interior design at home.

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