Vintage by Yonoh: the bathroom collection

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Vintage by Yonoh: the bathroom collection
Thursday, January 19, 2017Description :

Yonoh, and L’Antic Colonial, the firm specialised in natural materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, have worked together in the creation of a really exclusive bathroom collection. Vintage, as its name shows, focuses on the allure of the past by imitating old porcelain basins from the 20s. It is a unique combination of a basin, bathroom furniture and a mirror which are perfectly adapted to the fineness of private use and the contract project demands.

Yonoh, with over 10 years of experience in the design field, has got the natural and high-authenticity essence by L’Antic Colonial in a perfect way. This has been done by combining an elegant functional natural stone basin with a tubular metal-structured piece of furniture working as a base. In short, it is a fresh classical-styled collection as well as being modern.

The basin: allure and origin
The basin from the Vintage collection by Yonoh is a piece characterised by generous proportions and great depth and spaciousness, with the aim of being user-friendly. It has been manufactured in a single block of natural stone and its walls are very thin, being just 1cm in thickness. With great lightness and a round finish providing its lines with softness and elegance, all the edges are rounded and the exterior surface has the same curve as the shelf, against which it leans. Additionally, this basin has been machined from a single block of marble with numerical control and a hand-made finish. It is a soft, subtle and kind design, which is available in three different marble tones: Persian White, Habana Dark and Crema Italia.

The countertop: stone beneath stone
The countertop upon which the basin lies, is a piece of 2cm-thick natural stone which is in line with the classical design of the basin. As with the basin, all its edges are rounded and have been machined in order to be fitted securely to the structure. The finish is classical but it is perfectly suitable for urban bathrooms.

The structure: the use of metal to update the design
The vintage bathroom furniture leans against a metal structure which works as a base for the basin or basins in natural stone from the series. It consists of a curved tubular metal piece which has been welded and painted. The lower shelf has been manufactured in a perforated sheet of iron, therefore, providing the set with greater lightness. For better practicality, a towel rail has been built in the structure so that the design is highlighted and the use becomes easier.

The mirrors: reflections with retro charm
The Vintage bathroom fittings by L’Antic Colonial includes the choice of a mirror or some mirrors as bathroom accessories. It is worth highlighting its metal frame equipped with a functional anti-fog system.

Vintage by Yonoh is available in two versions: the S version, with just a basin and a mirror; and the L version, with two basins and two mirrors. You can also choose from: just a single basin; a basin and a structure and a shelf made of stone; and the structure, the basin and the mirrors in two finishes: satin white and black.

Nostalgia gets to L’Antic Colonial through Yonoh.

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