Versatility and maximum safety in the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral

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Versatility and maximum safety in the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral
Monday, October 26, 2015Description :

Applications for architecture and interior design from Solid Surface KRION® are as endless as their properties are. Besides, it is a safe material with high mineral quality in its composition, attributes that make the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Grupo a material from the latest generation.

Since its implementation in the most sophisticated and cutting edge ventilated facades, thanks to the building systems from Butech; its ability to make real interior products with free curves and free of joints; KRION® Solid Surface stands out because of its extraordinary versatility, but also for its maximum safety, with a 100% ecological, antibacterial, impact resistant and low thermal conductivity, and A or BPA bisphenol free material.

The acrylic stone from Systempool, KRION® Solid Surface has many certificates in every possible area, including health. Recently, after conducting a comprehensive study of its composition, this mineral compact has acquired the A or BPA bisphenol free product certification, not having seen any sign of this component in the KRION® Solid Surface formulation.

Bisphenol A is an organic compound used for the manufacture of plastics. It can be found in everyday products such as water bottles or feeding bottles; sports equipment, CD, DVD or appliances. Its use is harmful to the extent that food contamination can occur when they come into contact with containers, cans or containers, tins or packaging which contain it.

Again, KRION® Solid Surface is confirmed as a cutting-edge, high-quality material, perfect to be used in areas for food use such as kitchens or establishments related to cuisine or food. PORCELANOSA Grupo firm also guarantees the compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, confirming KRION® Solid Surface as a product that reflects all standards and regulations applicable to solid surfaces.

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