Venis turns the everlasting marble finish into ceramic

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Venis turns the everlasting marble finish into ceramic
Thursday, September 21, 2017Description :

The result of blending calcite in with dolomite is the creation of one of the most renowned metamorphic rocks and one of the oldest building materials, namely marble. Venis, a firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, in its search for creating natural atmospheres without compromising functionality, banks on ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles inspired by this very stone.

These products by Venis show different colour veining, therefore, their look is unique and exclusive, very similar to their reference stone. Hence, this colour dominance turns out to be the strongest point in the wide ceramic material collection from the firm, therefore, enhancing an easy-to-maintain timeless finish. The series, available in a gloss finish and shade variation, offer minimal decorative compositions which never go out of fashion.

Among the ceramic materials with a marble look, the most outstanding models are the Crema Marfil, Gris and Toscana Blanco, both for floor and wall tiles. Working as an aesthetic possibility, these pieces may be combined with the mosaics in the same colour tone, therefore, the space where they are installed is continuous, with the result of elegant monochromatic atmospheres, with a touch of modernity and personality thanks to the decoration.

The marble finish which provides the spaces with its special touch
Similarly, one can find the Travertino and Coliseum collections, in an sandy ivory finish, which are perfect for adding warmth and personality thanks to their high shade variation. As a result of this, we will achieve a non-uniform space with a minimal distinctive finish.

We must not forget the Cappuccino model, another of the most remarkable ones from the firm. A ceramic material available in two colours and whose appearance makes it ideal for the main spaces in a house, such as the dining room or the hall. It provides a feeling of neatness and spaciousness which is increased when combined with dark furniture.

The versatile elegant veining in soft tones
Venis also offers ceramic floor and wall tiles in softer tones such as Bianca Carrara and Praga, the latter presented at the Global Architecture International Exhibition which was held last February. Praga is different from the others because of its large format (45×120 cm) in a polished finish with a shiny covering.

Ramsey, New York and Lassa, are also very versatile and elegant models.

Through these ceramic designs, the PORCELANOSA Grupo, through Venis, offers a renovated, modern and versatile look of such a fine material as marble is. In this way, the firm conveys an innovative spirit, which always banks on the development of ceramic.

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