Urbatek leads the XLIGHT large-format evolution

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Urbatek leads the XLIGHT large-format evolution
Wednesday, August 8, 2018Description :

The latest innovations from the 25th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition: Urbatek leads the XLIGHT large-format evolution
To be more specific, that evolution is what leads Urbatek to carry on reinventing its architectural solutions, and this is where one can find its porcelain tile. The extra-slim porcelain tile, the firm’s flagship product, extends its possibilities for this new edition of the Exhibition by increasing the number of available finishes and thicknesses. Because of its innovation, large format and minimum thickness, XLight from Urbatek is a benchmark in exclusive high-demanding projects, providing solutions to wall tiles, floor tiles and façades which look for a jointless finish.

?Range Textures?: Endless combination possibilities
The combination of style and quality is the perfect pairing for making XLight become the ideal design for any surface where, it always meets the resistance requirements set by each project typology. Further on from its technical features, Urbatek focuses on the decorative possibilities of its extra-slim porcelain tile through new textured finishes. Ranging from stony reliefs to cement, wood, sandstone and plain colours in different versions. XLight reinforces its versatility at this 25th Global Architecture Exhibition, while keeping hold of the most special characteristic details from the firm, Urbatek.

XLight Premium, classics which are back playing a major role
The award-winning XLight Premium series extends its colour range in 2018, with its inspiration coming from elements of nature. This new version of the exclusive Premium range by XLight banks on achieving an elegant atmosphere of lifelike continuity for the interior design, without compromising on the highest-quality finishes. The various treatments of this renovated XLight inspired by marble, achieve unique timeless surfaces through the Storm, Aura and Golden collections. As well as that, Ars, for its part, conveys light and freshness; Haven is inspired by travertine; whereas Liem, Bosco and Nylo provide the atmosphere with a serene intensity.

Focusing again on extending the possibilities of its material, Urbatek also extends XLight Premium through new thicknesses: 9mm, 11mm and 12mm; all perfectly suitable for high-traffic projects.

Warm elegance with XLight Ewood
The new XLight finishes by Urbatek are also inspired by natural and traditional materials. The firm impresses once again with realism in its XLight Ewood collection, where the wood effect achieves in providing each atmosphere with a warmer, natural and more comforting atmosphere.

In relation to its versions, the XLight Ewood collection will be available in three finishes: Nut, Honey and Camel.

XLight Stark: timeless softness with a cement effect
For its part, the XLight Raw collection is completed with cement effect textures, together with the XLight Stark, increasing its thickness by up to 12mm.

The large format comes into being in its warmer version in these collections, achieving surfaces that are soft to touch and easy on the eye.

The most avant-garde metal with XLight Arcan
Urbatek implements, through research and cutting-edge technology; the metal finish with textures which range from rust to brushed. A huge number of elegant touches which provide the collection with numerous innovative possibilities and a retro finish effect.

XLight Maker, elegance in a large format
The colour softness of the sandstone gives the XLight Maker large-format porcelain tile a light appearance. The lack of joints in floor and wall tiles provide the surface with the ideal continuity and spaciousness for all kind of spaces. The quality of its finishes is transported to different spaces thanks to the most versatile and adjustable formats.

The PORCELANOSA Grupo, thanks to Urbatek, renews its commitment on launching designs into the market, with the most outstanding features being quality and design. The 25th International Exhibition is a golden opportunity to show them to professionals and at the same time, to make them become a significant option for carrying out future projects, as is the case with both XLight and XLight Premium.

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