Urban bathrooms: both minimalism and comfort in one interior design

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Urban bathrooms: both minimalism and comfort in one interior design
Thursday, June 30, 2016Description :

At present, the bathroom has become a preferential room at home. Both the fact of living in an urban atmosphere and the daily stress which this entails, make anyone need to search for places of escape and complete relaxation which help them switch off from the everyday routine.

Therefore, an urban bathroom must be pleasant and cosy as well, but it must be on a practicality, functionality and minimalism basis. If the bathrooms are small, something typical in the urban houses, a minimalist design turns out to be the best choice in order to provide the room with spaciousness, by making use of clear open spaces where natural light comes in in that perfect way.

On the other hand, decoration and elements in a minimalist bathroom facilitate the daily use of this, leaving the non-important things out. The arrangement of the bathroom is as important as its storage options, but without compromising too many metres and blocking transit areas, either. The order of the elements can also mean a higher visual spaciousness. Among the other options, we can place the spot light at the back of the bathroom; combining with the mirrors; or joining the shower and the flooring together, thus, making space uniform.

PORCELANOSA Grupo, through the bathroom equipment firm, Noken, offers bathroom designs with 100% quality and adaptability to urban minimalist bathrooms. Collections such as Lounge, Essence-C, Urban-C or Forma, have been created in order to ensure cutting-edge technology and sustainable use. In addition to some practical easy-to-use lines, these bathroom series contribute to an elegant design, which is based on current trends, and provide both exclusivity and distinction.

The Essence-C series is a bathroom collection on an alignment basis. Its straight lines and sharp angles contribute to providing the user with a very urban contemporary spirit, which results in being ideal for showing the soul of the big city. Its charisma is portrayed in the minimalism provided by its rectangular-shaped basins, freestanding bathtubs and wall-hung sanitaryware, which are able to ease life, as well as reducing usage.

With the Lounge collection, a purely geometrical evolution is perceived. It is not meant to be a symmetrical collection showing a set of natural, neat and rational lines. Serving as an example, the fine delicate design of its bathroom furniture, which is added to the practicality of its wall-hung sanitaryware and the Lounge and Lounge Square freestanding acrylic bathtubs. The basin taps are also subtle and functional, and they allow for a customisation of the design by means of their wide range of versions and finishes, for instance, gold, bronze or silver.

Urban-C is nothing but simplicity and style. Its designs are based on the most current and advanced equipment, thus, favouring a pure aesthetic balance in its lines. It is a series made up of a pan with cistern, back to wall or wall-hung sanitaryware, and different basin models. All of them adapt themselves to the functionality of the urban bathrooms but without compromising their essence.

The Forma collection, on the other hand, is timeless and provides a pleasant sense of lightness. However, its lines turn out to be less rigid and more dynamic, but keeping its softness and minimalism. Therefore, that series is perfect for an urban bathroom, through a functional range of sanitaryware, bathroom accessories and taps. It is also sustainable, thus, favouring both energy and water saving.

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