Tono Taps by Noken: The perfect balance between sumptuousness and ease of use

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Tono Taps by Noken: The perfect balance between sumptuousness and ease of use
Tuesday, November 29, 2016Description :

Tono, the bathroom collection from Porcelanosa bathrooms and the Foster+Partners design studio, has turned out to be a comprehensive bathroom design in which each piece has been both thought out and devised in order to take care of the smallest details. A series that fulfills the philosophy shared by Noken and Foster + Partners with regard to putting design at the service of innovation, elegance and practicality, through both unique and infinite possibilities.

Tono also combines with the materiality, showing an aesthetic that derives from the functionality and the innate properties of the used materials. This aspect is revealed, even more so, in the taps collection, a design that has been specially designed to surprise, and at the same time, make the bathroom stand out. A bathroom that is customised thanks to these elegant and easy to use taps, adapting to both taste and context while functioning as a single element.

The Tono taps are solid, but at the same time, light, intuitive and practical. As well as that, its knurled lever has been designed to facilitate the grip, together with simplifying the use in general with a functional bezel that captures light and acts as a visual signal to raise the control lever, next to a surface that invites you to turn it.

Tono taps also ooze both great elegance and sophistication, thanks to a wide range of finishes in either gloss or satin. From the gloss and metallic touch of chrome, to the uniqueness and all luxury character of chrome matt, titanium, gold, copper or rosé finishes. A myriad of aesthetic projects that make the Tono bathroom taps series from Noken the perfect choice for any bathroom, design or decoration, with that unique exclusivity that characterises it.

All in all, this definition would not be complete without pointing out the strong defense of sustainability done by both Foster + Partners and Noken in the creation of taps with the Tono personality. This series includes a basin mixer with the Air Eco technology, an aerator with a maximum limiter flow of 5.7 litres per minute.

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