The new system which reinvents the possibilities of Air Slate

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The new system which reinvents the possibilities of Air Slate
Friday, July 7, 2017Description :

Slate is one of the most versatile of natural stones thanks to both its aesthetical and technical qualities. This is the reason why it is used for interior and exterior floorings and coverings, as well as being used as a material to cover pieces other than walls. As well as that, it is even used to create decorative elements.

The PORCELANOSA Grupo, through its firm, L’Antic Colonial, supports the development of innovative formats in natural materials which offer new options to both architecture and interior design. An clear example of this would be the extra-slim natural stone laminate Air Slate pizarra. It is a solution that consists of a fibreglass layer which reinforces the product structure, providing it with flexibility. This new format enhances, even more so, if possible, the material’s possibilities, along with making its installation that much easier.

The HC Panel, the system that creates Air Slate surfaces by Butech
Butech, in its commitment to use the latest technology for the development of building systems which make architects’ work easier, has created the innovative HC Panel façades. It is a system which joins the Air Slate pieces together with a honeycomb core which provides the set with stiffness and resistance, as well as making its anchoring possible on the different ventilated façades by Butech. Apart from this system, when an improvement in the heat insulation of the building is not needed, Butech also offers materials for the Air Slate installation through the traditional system of straightforward bonding on the building’s envelope.

Through this new installation system, the Air Slate surfaces from L’Antic Colonial are easier to install, therefore, these reduced in thickness pieces (between 2 and 4 mm) and with great lightness in weight and flexibility, improving the anchoring to the façade. In this way, an installation via straightforward bonding can be carried out, even in curved areas with a radius of up to 25 cm.

Air Slate turns out to be the ideal choice when refurbishing spaces and covering wide areas in the shortest possible time, since it makes working with very large pieces of extreme lightness possible. As well as that, they suit different surfaces thanks to their versatility and the property of being able to be used on curved surfaces. All of this, in a material which can be used indoors and outdoors because of its resistance to both high and low temperatures.

Large-format material with a huge number of colour options
In the Air Slate series from L’Antic Colonial, one can find different tones ranging from those that are darker and sober to others that are lighter and warmer: Bombay, Delhi, Kathmandu, Forest, Kashmir, Metal, Graphite and Patna.

Through Air Slate and the HC Panel system by Butech, natural stone is more versatile, therefore, extending the creative possibilities for architecture, which continuously insists on materials that meet the requirements of demanding projects with the premise of quality and confidence.

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