The new line of Starwood inspired by wood

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The new line of Starwood inspired by wood
Tuesday, April 17, 2018Description :

Starwood is once again inspired by nature to develop ceramic pieces whose care for details, colours and shapes achieve in offering unique pieces. They are able to reproduce natural wood textures.

Starwood impresses with new models and tones in wall tiles and floor tiles, as well as with its SMART pieces. We are dealing with a new line with smaller innovative formats: 14.3cmx90cm and 22cmx90cm.

Designs adapted to meet everyday expectations and cutting-edge trends with regard to architecture and interior design.

Nairobi, the brightness that comes from the Natural Oak
The Nairobi model shows pronounced rings with a huge number of veining and textures. Dark-toned knots which create a perfect symbiosis with the sweet bright tones present in the palette of Honey and Grain (Starwood).

The former is characterised by its energetic colour scheme. The dark knots are bound with other brighter ones in an amber colour. However, Grain offers a timeless colour which conveys serenity and subtlety.

In this way, Nairobi becomes one of the most realistic models. It is able to precisely reproduce the purity of wood. Furthermore, its versatility results in being ideal not only for rustic furniture but also for contemporary ones.

As with the rest of the models, Nairobi has formats of 25cmx150cm and 16.5cmx150cm but it is also available in Smart (22cmx90cm and 14.3cmx90cm formats), or with Outdoor technology (25cmx150cm). The latter can be used outdoors thanks to its high resistance against impacts and weather conditions.

Nebraska, the night falls in the forest
The Nebraska collection recalls the wet wood colour. The roasted coffee. A colour scheme full of personality which causes a sensation wherever it is included. Nebraska, available in the Coffee and Tea colours, extends its collection with Noir, one of the darkest tones from Starwood.

Its sombre effect offers blurred veining and knots which reproduce the passage of time. It is in its perfect balance where different levels of darkness can be seen with higher-toned knots.

The Nebraska design therefore becomes a highly efficient solution to project sophisticated involute atmospheres. We are dealing with the perfect combination for furniture in neutral and dark tones.

This new Starwood model is also available in formats of 25cm×150cm and 16.5cm×150cm both for floor and wall tiles. As well as in the exclusive Smart formats: 14.3cm×90cm and 22cm×90cm. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Tanzania, colour infinity
The Tanzania collection from Starwood presents five new tones: Silver, Graphite, Walnut, Natural and White. The richest and widest colour range from Starwood.

Loweer, Laos and Candem, hypnotising wall tiles
Lastly, Starwood offers a huge number of decorative possibilities with its Loweer (33.3cmx100 cm), Laos (59.6cmx59.6cm) and Camden (59.6cmx59.6cm) ceramic wall tiles.

Dynamic designs which reproduce visual effects such as volumetry and 3D effect. The new tones included in its pieces can be combined with the Eden floor tile pattern.

These series are defined by identity, style and warmth, whose natural aesthetics enhances the resistance and balance of the pieces.

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