The natural beauty of metal in the Suitopia Hotel in Alicante

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The natural beauty of metal in the Suitopia Hotel in Alicante
Sunday, September 9, 2018Description :

With 200 suites and 32 double rooms spread out over 29 floors, Suitopia was created with the aim of connecting with its guests and creating a special bond with them during their stay.

Thanks to the verticality of the hotel, all its rooms enjoy magnificent views of the Mediterranean, and its careful design makes it become the ideal accommodation for the most demanding of guests, who look for the highest possible comfort and quality.

And it is precisely through the objective of impressing its guests that the designers of this project have come up with their design, by taking great care in the choice of the materials, as well as opting for some of the most exclusive components from the different firms from the PORCELANOSA Grupo for their interior design.

Metal as the star finish in the Suitopia project

The project designer, Xavier Pastor, has been very careful when choosing every single detail in the hotel, both in the rooms and communal areas.

With regard to the Lobby Bar, the project designer has gone for a strong visual impact through one of the brightest mosaics by L’Antic Colonial, in other words, the Metal Bronze 3D Cubes. This metallic mosaic in a copper-coloured tone achieves an effect of great brightness thanks to the shiny tiles on it. It is in this room where the elegance of the bronze has been combined with a dominating white marble finish on the walls. As far as the flooring is concerned, the choice has been vinyl floorings which ensure excellent resistance and durability, since we are dealing with one of the rooms with the highest people traffic in the whole hotel.

For its part, in one of the other rooms with high traffic in the building, in other words, the hall, the choice has been the Concrete Grey Nature wall tile from Urbatek, a material which also stands out because of its resistance and easy maintenance, in the 100x30 large-format version, therefore providing the space which welcomes the hotel guests for the first time with higher visual homogeneity and maximum sobriety. .

With regard to the rooms, the most private space in the hotel, giving each room its own character with the aim of connecting with the guests’ personality has been a clear intention. For that purpose, the sophisticated versatile Linkfloor Wall Contract Zinc from L’Antic Colonial has been installed as the wall tile in the central wall of the rooms, the one where the headboard is located. This wall tile in combination with different light tones such as blue, brown or pinkish, creates a unique atmosphere in each room.

Additionally, in order to provide a distinctive neutral look which is in line with the elegant dynamism of the Linkfloor, the Dover Caliza collection by Porcelanosa plays an important role, in a square format both for the floor and the wall tiles in the room.

Bathrooms that seek style and functionality
As far as the bathrooms are concerned, functionality has been one of the most important features when making the choice of materials, without ever forgetting about the avant-garde design and care for the details which characterise this project.

In this regard, creating private spaces for intimacy which put the guests in relaxation and comfort mode has been a must, both in communal spaces and the rooms.

Hence, the project designer has opted for the colour range of the Gravity Aluminium Hexagon mosaic by L'Antic Colonial, in the bathrooms and in the communal areas as well, through the three tones offered by the collection. Specifically, for the women’s toilets located in the hall, the choice has been the Rose Gold tone, whereas for the men’s, the purest Gold colour has been used, and the sober Metal in the bathrooms for disabled people. In this way, the taste for metallic colours remains and the visual strength of the optical volumetry created through geometrical pieces is enhanced, thus achieving a most modern-day effect.

In this space, the brightness of the metal is again combined with more neutral pieces which achieve to soften the visual load in the room. Specifically, the Jersey Mix collection by Porcelanosa in the 31.6cmx90cm rectangular format has been used for the communal bathroom wall tiles; and for the bathroom in the guests’ rooms, the choice has been the serene Belice Caliza collection, also by Porcelanosa, all of this completed with simple versatile bathroom equipment such as the one from the Hotels series by Noken.

Suitopia is certainly an innovative project where simplicity and dynamism achieve a perfect balance and comfort, where the quality of the materials play a major role.

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