The Indoor Collection: auxiliary kitchen furniture with the Gamadecor seal

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The Indoor Collection: auxiliary kitchen furniture with the Gamadecor seal
Wednesday, April 4, 2018Description :

With the idea of offering a comprehensive experience in the home, Gamadecor, the firm specialised in furniture for kitchens, bathrooms and dressing rooms from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, has created a line of accessories to go with its designs.

The auxiliary furniture from the Indoor Collection is designed to share the leading role in kitchen designs. Chairs, stools, tables and lighting pieces complete the interior design, as well as increasing the relevant options through the highest quality pieces.

Chairs and stools: functional design complements
In the kitchen, integrating a breakfast or lunch area is a practical way of getting the most out of this space. To do so, we can incorporate some stools next to a peninsula, which creates an extension, or we can keep one of the sides of a central island for this purpose. In the case of having enough space, the best option is to include a dining area with a table and matching design chairs.

Tables: a reinvented tradition
The Indoor Collection tables transform the tradition of the purest materials through aesthetic innovation.

The furniture pieces in the collection are made with fine and natural materials like wood. Their design, with new and modern lines, is combined with the purity associated with this warm and welcoming material.

Its aesthetic lines allow them to be included in cutting-edge style kitchens, as well as in Nordic or more traditional atmospheres, which adapt perfectly to most decorative styles.

The Lamps Collection: added decorative lighting in kitchens and bathrooms

The collection is completed with interior lighting pieces. A design that varies between formats and finishes. Gamadecor incorporates them into its catalogue with the objective of them becoming the central pieces in the bathroom and kitchen. Each of the luminaires provide a touch with differentiating exclusivity.

In addition to its practicality and its high quality, the Indoor Collection lamps have a character which identifies them by themselves, making them become objects that play a leading role in any atmosphere or room where they are located.

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