The genuineness of connecting materials from the workspace

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The genuineness of connecting materials from the workspace
Wednesday, June 7, 2017Description :

The PORCELANOSA Grupo, with the aim of influencing the tradition and the origins of materials and designs, presents a new concept: ATELIER. Atelier is a clear tribute to workshops, to those places where artists and master craftsmen perform their manual activities and where they prepare their samples, aimed at providing their pieces and work with an exquisite aesthetics, along with their very own personality.

With Atelier, the PORCELANOSA Group adopts that original work philosophy, a much more authentic and genuine way of proceeding based on the same craft workshops. Its team of designers and stylists combines different materials with formats, sample textures and colours in different finishes, with the objective of creating our designs for contemporary interior design. It is tested out with diverse materials, such as natural wood, marble, stone, cement and metal, looking for new combinations of great harmony and beauty.

Atelier designs: authenticity and a mixture of materials and textures that came about in the workshop
Like options from that workshop that symbolise its production processes, the PORCELANOSA Grupo suggests floor tiles and wall tiles collections that are authentic and natural with quality, as well as being durable and highly resistant. This firm also includes in its materials catalogue, series that dare to combine high purity materials, such as stone and wood, but enjoying its ceramic versatility.

The production of natural wood floor tiles has always been linked to the concept of craftsmanship. Now that perfect imperfection of what is handmade is transferred to the present, through materials that really imitate its qualities, such as being original, authentic and essential. Heritage, the PAR-KER ceramic parquet series by Porcelanosa, reproduces that natural wood nobility but with the ceramic performance, being a material that beautiful and elegant, as well as being highly versatile.

The quality guarantee in the production processes by Porcelanosa makes this rectified porcelain tile a daring and warm design, perfect for any decorative style and contemporary interior design. That’s why in all its versions, Heritage Natural, Heritage Cognac and Heritage Colonial meet all the style expectations, like wide rustic, Nordic and minimalist ranges.

Aesthetically, Heritage stands out for its veins very similar to those of natural wood and for its delicate volume effect, capable of conferring volumetry, dynamism and a charming vintage finish. Its patterns seem to come to life, like a sumptuous tapestry made of wood.

Bolonia is the result of this mixture of textures, that mixture which comes from the Atelier concept by PORCELANOSA Grupo. It is a ceramic material capable of embellishing and making any interior design become unique, through the aesthetic mix of noble materials: stone and wood. Specifically, the natural oak inspiration from the Manhattan PAR-KER by Porcelanosa is intermixed with stones emulating the Belgian blue stone. Both textures have been arranged in a square format connecting both in an ideal way, and whose available formats are 80x80cm and 59.6 x 59.6cm, in a matt finish.

With regard to its versions, we highlight the two possibilities of Bologna: Bologna Colonial and Bologna Cognac. Whereas Bologna Colonial combines a deep brown ceramic wood and Belgian blue stone in grey shades, Bologna Cognac composes its aesthetic mix of ash wood and Belgian blue stone with exquisite metallic nuances.

Although Bologna suggests authenticity for the purity of the materials from which it is inspired, it is an ideal collection for modern interior designs, thanks to its uniqueness of its mixture and exquisite finish.


Viena is a floor tile of classic inspiration but with a marked timeless character. It is also inspired by the Manhattan PAR-KER, but with a design in the shape of tablets and a spike format. That is why, like Bologna, it is a highly pure and authentic decorative alternative, but cutting-edge in its design, ideal for modern houses and contract projects. In this case, there are four finishes: Viena Colonial, Viena Cognac, Viena Natural and Viena Fresno, in white. Regarding formats, this new ceramic parquet is available in 80x80cm and 60.2×60.2cm, depending on the space requirements, though.

All designs, both Heritage and Bolonia, as well as Viena are materials of great durability and adaptability, capable of measuring up to demanding environments and high traffic spaces.

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