The genuine elegance of authenticness enters the bathroom

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The genuine elegance of authenticness enters the bathroom
Tuesday, November 15, 2016Description :

Tono, the Foster+Partners collection for the PORCELANOSA Grupo is a modern, contemporary and avant-garde bathroom collection, but at the same time it is capable of appealing to the rebirth of authenticness. Besides offering a comprehensive solution for the bathroom conceived as a whole, with all its elements playing in perfect symbiosis, Tono enjoys the authenticity and warmth of natural materials, which, done by firms such as L’Antic Colonial and Systempool, they give shape to its functional furniture.

Wood and natural stone that escape from nature itself to conceive custom bathroom pieces with great ergonomics and much more practicality than its minimalist design allows one to glimpse with the naked eye. Versatility and a wide capacity of uses that, connecting with the origin of noble materials, allow for conceiving a current and highly sophisticated elegant bathroom design.

Tono and natural wood
Tono offers, through its unique design done by Systempool, the best of two very different eras, combining in its lines both craft and avant-garde. The artisan tradition of working with noble and solid wood is printed in a modern and minimalist bathroom design, with great and valuable qualities appreciable to the naked eye, and furthermore, from the very first moment.

The use of solid wood through controlled supply sources makes the bathroom furniture, Tono complements and mirrors, both sustainable and respectful elements with regard to the environment, in line with the sustainability that PORCELANOSA Group endorses in its corporate philosophy.

Both the quality and authenticity of the pieces is another of its strengths, since solid wood, such as: walnut, maple and oak, together with its multiple nuances, allow the Tono series to overcome the passage of time with the genuine elegance of the authentic. In the Foster + Partners collection, wood is shown as being previously treated, using an oil-wax that maintains the natural wood appearance, but providing a great resistance to moisture, dirt and other external agents. Protection that can be renewed, keeping the original beauty for much longer and it ticks all the boxes itself in relation to the passing of the years in a space as demanding as the bathroom is.

Tono and natural stones
Another natural material that supports the passion for the origin of Tono, is natural stone. The firm L’Antic Colonial offers for this sumptuous bathroom collection three of its stones, all in a Classico finish: Habana Dark, European marble; Capuccino Grey, Asian marble; And Calgary, Asian limestone. All the natural stone products in the Tono collection are hand-finished with high precision and satin gloss, making each piece that is produced quite unique.

In addition to an exclusive and very authentic design, natural stones from the Tono collection also have high quality and resistance to wear, thanks to a special treatment that protects them from external agents, and at the same time, boosting their natural features and nuances.

Among the bathroom equipment where pieces from Tono in natural stone can be found are in basins, mirrors and bathtubs, all unique pieces of exceptional classical charm.

Due to the production process, Tono stone basins are available both with and without a fixed overflow, and several references are included in two different series: Tono One and Tono Elements. In both cases, basins can be purchased in three stones: Habana Dark, Cappucino Gray and Calgary. With regard to the design, there are countertop basins to combine with the collection furniture, or it is possible to resort to the originality and uniqueness of the wall-to-wall basins that can be installed without the need for a support surface.

Regarding the bathroom model, this masterpiece of a design stands out, as well as its structure in three rings of solid stone and with a shelf made with the same material that provides functionality. Its shapes are both soft and delicate, with rounded edges and generous proportions that provide great ergonomics, and what is more, it invites you to enjoy a great bathing experience.

Finally, Tono agglutinates in its natural projects, mirrors with a natural stone frame. Available in several dimensions and geometries where it is possible to highlight the precision of the manual work for obtaining a precise result, just like with minimum thicknesses.

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