The 11th PORCELANOSA Awards: Andalusia seen through a mirror

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The 11th PORCELANOSA Awards: Andalusia seen through a mirror
Tuesday, November 13, 2018Description :

The strong light from the south enters each and every room in this single-family home through its shapes and finishes alike. The AM3 house by Francisco Javier Limón’s architecture studio in Huelva is one of the finalist designs in the category of Completed Projects at the 11th Architecture and Interior Design PORCELANOSA Awards.

Both the interior and exterior spaces in this building are interconnected with some open structures. The privacy of the set is achieved thanks to some ?structural wood chips’ which are affixed to the rest of the volumes, making the exterior façade just glass. Andalucía seen through a mirror.

Visual continuity with intimist character

In the privacy of the house, the XLight extra slim porcelain, which can be seen in the façade and the monolith, has played a leading role. The first area, tiled with the Concrete Grey Nature model from Urbatek, makes contrast with the main entrance, the outside fence and the vehicle access. In the latter, the XLight Concrete Black Nature collection has been the choice to give the whole architectural setting continuity.

This philosophy has also been implemented in the interior, whose perlite walls have been finished off with the Basic Snow Nature pieces, as well as the XLight from Urbatek.

Rustic warmth
Because of its resistance and warmth, the Chester Acero floor tile from Porcelanosa can be seen in the interior and exterior of this house. Colonial-styled elegance which easily meets the diversity of the environment.

White light points with the KRIONTM Solid Surface
Excellently integrated into the dining room, the kitchen stands out because of the pure white from the KRIONTM Solid Surface. This material backlighting is portrayed in the worktop, the island and the dining-room table. An extension of the main island, whose weightlessness line is drawn up with a central glazed support and the methacrylate chairs.

Wellness bathrooms
The thermoforming capacity in curved sections by the KRIONTM Solid Surface makes it possible to extend the bathroom shapes, whose dynamism is increased with the Wellness experiences from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, the firm which belongs to the PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Cutting-edge architecture thought up for enjoyment.

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