Technic porcelain tile by Venis. Naturalness with high ceramic technology

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Technic porcelain tile by Venis. Naturalness with high ceramic technology
Sunday, September 25, 2016Description :

PORCELANOSA Grupo’s firm, Venis, fills design with naturalness by means of its new Technic porcelain tile, which has been inspired by marble and natural stone.

A ceramic design revealing uniqueness, and mostly with a strong high ceramic quality, achieved thanks to the High Tech technology.

High Tech is the latest ceramic generation by Venis, in other words, an advanced manufacturing process where each particle has been similarly mixed. By both controlling the proportionality of the mixture and turning it into a compact whole, a uniform mineral material is achieved, which can be either designed or customised. By means of this technology, similar pieces of porcelain tiles are achieved, but they are never the same, and furthermore, they are highly resistant to wear and tear.

With regard to the Technic collection, its surface is achieved on the basis of mineral elements. It is available in three finishes: Normal, Nature and Lined, and each one adapts to the interior space requirements.

Technic Dark. Sophistication turns into porcelain.

Technic Dark is the most naturalist series from the Technic collection. It has a wonderful soft or rectified matt finish. Its stone-effect makes this greyish porcelain tile exude an overall sophistication, thus, captivating thanks to its fine veining classicism. With regard to its format, Technic Dark, in the natural finish, is available in 59,6×59,6cm; as well as in 14,3x90cm; 22x90cm; and 45x90cm.

Technic Dark Nature. Imitating the origin of stone
Technic Dark Nature evolves towards a rectified porcelain tile model in a matt or gloss finish, and also in an excellent greyish colour but with more texture than the former. This finish reveals the natural appearance of the stones even more, which offer an irregular and delicately rough surface. With regard to the Technic Dark Nature, it is available in four formats: 59,6×59,6cm floor tile; 14,3x90cm; 22x90cm; and 45x90cm.

Technic Dark Lined. Textures that meet the needs of trends
The third of the designs regarding the Technic series by Venis, is Dark Lined, a model in an incredibly excellent textured finish. It is available in various formats, 14,3x90cm floor tile; 22x90cm and 45,90cm; as well as in several finishes with rough surfaces or sculpted lines. It is the most unique excellent porcelain in the three that make up Technic, and it is able to provide the most exclusive place in one’s home with great originality.

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