Stone with white textures: Light and purity with the new covering by Venis

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Stone with white textures: Light and purity with the new covering by Venis
Tuesday, August 8, 2017Description :

Walls with texture are back bigger than ever, and at the same time, becoming one of the leading decorative trends in interior wall tiles.

PORCELANOSA Grupo, thanks to Venis, has committed itself to this trend with five new large format (45×120 cm) decoration designs to cover interior walls with textures in white. Collections like: Oporto, Mini Diamond, Roma, Provence, and Versaille are capable of evoking modernity and tradition.

The versatility of these pieces allows for them to be used for both mountain houses and houses located by the beach. In the same way, they can be used in all types of atmospheres like bathrooms and bedrooms.

The dominance of white has been imposed in the five ceramic wall tiles, and like so, becoming an ideal material when providing lightness and spaciousness for an inside space. An ideal design, especially for small rooms in the home. Furthermore, if it is combined with darker tile ranges or with furniture, the atmosphere will take on a greater role because of the special contrasts that bring the materials together.

Regarding the decorative patterns, there are textures with straight lines, as is the case with Oporto Wall tiles, and also there are fine geometrical figures of Provence. Through the curved lines of Roma, the small squares of Mini Diamond or even the granulated finish that denotes a superficial sensation with the Versaille decoration.

All of these rectified materials can complement along with other wall covering bases. Matt products like Mini Diamond, Roma and Oporto White Matt all combine perfectly with another bright monoporous like Crystal White, available in a 45×120 cm format, also from Venis.

By contrast, the bright decoration (Oporto White or Versailles that have a matt-gloss finish) can be complemented with the Glaciar wall tile which is available in 45x120cm. Provence, for its part, with a pearly finish, can be installed in any space, along with being combined with any space and flooring.

Without doubt, these five Wall tiles have got the perfect balance between elegance and the finesse of White with the most cutting-edge styles. All of them with the objective of creating a special place full of brightness and purity in the different rooms in which it is incorporated.

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