Resistant and pristine finishes with the technical porcelain by Urbatek

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Resistant and pristine finishes with the technical porcelain by Urbatek
Tuesday, July 21, 2015Description :

Within the porcelain tile products from PORCELANOSA Group, Urbatek offers a full mass, resistant and hard-wearing material, with a high performance which allows its installation in the most demanding projects. Thanks to its wide variety of designs, formats and finishes, it is perfect for all types of atmosphere, both interior and exterior.

The homogeneity of its composition, without superficial enamel and vitrified throughout its mass, allows the technical porcelain tile to be installed in rooms with a high level of wetness, as the technical ceramic by Urbatek offers a level of absorption so low that it exceeds the ISO quality standard regulation by 80%. Thus, while the international regulation requires a level of absorption of 0.5% in similar materials, the technical porcelain by Urbatek offers an absorption index of just 0.1% in the Nature finish, achieving a practically waterproof material.

This same quality makes the technical flooring of the firm repel dirt, allowing the most usual marks from substances such as oil, sauces, vinegar, wine, coffee or soft drinks to be cleaned, with the help of a damp cloth or traditional cleaning methods, without having to resort to special products. For this, Urbatek subjects its products to exhaustive quality controls which guarantee the excellent response of its materials even when exposed to cleaning products and the most difficult marks.

This performance makes the technical porcelain tile flooring by Urbatek the perfect choice for configuring kitchens and bathrooms, where stricter hygiene conditions are required, also offering a great resistance to abrasion.

Additionally, Urbatek has achieved a material with a high resistance to breakage, able to be installed as flooring in industrial environments and high traffic areas such as hospitals, large commercial spaces and airports. Its ?full mass? composition ensures it is unchanged due to sudden temperature changes, allowing its use in different conditions, however adverse.

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