Reliefs by Venis: Outstanding wall textures

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Reliefs by Venis: Outstanding wall textures
Thursday, June 16, 2016Description :

Trends regarding interior design head for opting for ceramic wall tiles which turn a space into a unique incomparable place. An area which catches nobody’s eye may become a very special place thanks to an excellent choice of porcelain. All of this is possible by means of the innovation and ceramic high-technology by firms such as Venis, which ensures the highest quality together with an exceptional design.

Because of their shapes and volume contrasts, the reliefs for walls turn out to be that ideal option to make a room stand out all by itself. The PORCELANOSA Grupo’s firm, Venis, firmly banks on the colour white, thus, providing the space with not only elegance, spaciousness and brightness but also with a subtle touch.

Artis White reliefs: lights and shadows volumetric fusion
Venis makes use of volumetry and lights and shadows in order to offer a monoporous ceramic relief which is ideal for experiencing a deep decorative dream. Its symmetrical shapes network looks lively, thus, providing the wall space where it is installed with soul and an identity of its own. The lights and shadows are done by its gloss finish, which intensifies both its volume and 3D-effect even more. However, Artis White is also available in the White Matt finish, as well as in the Bronze and Silver metal finishes.

Cúbica Blanco Reliefs: Subtle geometry walls
Geometry slips through interior design by means of wall textures such as Cúbica Blanco by Venis. A monoporous ceramic tile design consisting of small cubes excellently arranged in order to make up an elegantly textured tapestry. Like Artis White, the Cúbica Blanco reliefs are available in a gloss finish, and whose light contrast strengthens its volume even more.

In addition to the magnificence and sophistication of the white colour, Cúbica by Venis can be presented in other colour tones as well, such as grey or distinguished black, ivory or silver.

Old White: Imperfection becomes perfection

Venis also offers ceramic reliefs in a matte finish which are capable of impressing because of its perfect imperfection, the Old White ceramic wall tile, which turns out to be the ideal choice when decorating walls at home. Any space, no matter how demanding it is, results in being perfect to acknowledge its irregular line contrast, in other words, a volume with a fresh appearance which turns design into something dynamic.

In a matte finish, this decorated wall tile is a version of the Newport collection, also available in Beige, Natural, Grey and Dark Grey.

Ona White Matt: Freshness and vitality
The naturalness and vitality of the sea are imbued with interior design by means of the Ona White Matt relief. A design in ceramic wall tiles and a matte finish, which is capable of revitalising either a house or a contract space. Its decorative harmony suggests excellence, but above all, it provides agility, energy, as well as movement.

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