Quality and sustainability in the manufacture of Emotions kitchens by Gamadecor

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Quality and sustainability in the manufacture of Emotions kitchens by Gamadecor
Thursday, May 7, 2015Description :

As with any creation process, the manufacture of Emotions kitchen by Gamadecor begins with a careful selection of the raw materials used. This selection does not only focus on the quality of the materials, but also on their origin. For this reason, Gamadecor has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody certification and only works with noble woods from controlled forests, thus guaranteeing the stability of the ecosystems in which they grow.

Beyond the careful selection of raw materials, Gamadecor uses the most advanced technology in the manufacture of its most innovative kitchens, to guarantee results which fulfil the expectations and needs of the end user.

After passing through the Cutting and Sectioning department, through which 250,000 square metres of panels pass each year (1,000 square metres each day), the pieces continue to the Production line for forming, cutting, squaring and face plating of special structures and pieces, in which the latest technology is used. For the complex mechanised processes, until now impossible to carry out, digitally controlled technology with 5 focus points is used. Meanwhile, to create shaped edges (such as mitre or rebate joints) on the faces and the decorative panels of the furniture, a system known as Soforming is used, which mechanises the edges to later shape a single sheet of edging and attach it with high resistance PUR glue around the edge. The Carpentry department is in charge of all traditional manufacturing, thanks to the work of highly qualified personnel entrusted with the tasks of moulding, planning, calibration and mitring.

As for the finishes, the different pieces undergo several phases, from manual or mechanised tinting with an undercoat after the surfaces have been sanded, to later have the desired colour of paint applied through the Ciclomix system, which automatically mixes the components to achieve the correct tonality. With all of this, a uniform and balanced layer of paint is achieved. Finally, the faces with high-gloss finishes undergo a final process, a mechanised and manual polishing of all surfaces, achieving a mirror effect. Finally, in the Assembly line and packing section, all furniture is manually assembled and packed.

To guarantee the resistance and durability of the Emotions kitchens and the rest of the products by Gamadecor, in the laboratory their technical performance is checked by different machines which subject them to strain and create the worst possible situation for each material. Among other tests, the durability and resistance of the lacquer, reaction to wetness, resistance to extreme temperatures, resistance of countertops to abrasion, and reactions of surface coverings to impacts are tested. Additionally, the operation of the different pieces of furniture is tested, with tests of horizontal and vertical openings and drawer openings, as well as the correct appearance of finishes when compared under four different types of light. Before proceeding to packaging, the Quality section checks that no defect has been caused during the manufacturing process.

Don’t miss the video on the manufacturing process of the Emotions kitchens by Gamadecor.

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