Praga: spaciousness and elegance with the new collection from Venis

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Praga: spaciousness and elegance with the new collection from Venis
Tuesday, June 13, 2017Description :

With the aim of giving the best look of spaciousness to small spaces or enhancing those that already have significant dimensions, during the latest XXIV International Exhibition for Global Architecture and Interior Design by the PORCELANOSA Grupo, the firm, Venis, presented one of its most striking products: Praga floor tiles and wall tiles.

Like the city with the same name, the new rectified porcelain tile for floor tiles and the monoporous rectified for coatings link what is traditional together with the latest innovations, since it mixes an exclusive design with two used and usual colours: pure white and beige. Both shades, above all, the white shade, provide tranquillity, cleanliness and elegance, those which involve the three very positive characteristics that are required for any space, including kitchens and bathrooms. However, Praga also stands out because of its technical features, those which ceramic is characterise ceramic by, like durability or the resistance to moisture, humidity and water.In this series, Venis has created three options for flooring and one for coatings. Regarding the floor tiles, we can find Praga White and Praga Beige in the following formats: 80×80 cm, 59.6×59.6 cm and 59.6×120 cm. In all cases, a polished look can be seen with a V2 shade variation, which means that the difference in the texture and design are clearly noticeable, but with similar colours among the pieces. The rectified ceramic wall tile, for its part, offers a 45×120 cm format, which enjoys aesthetically the same shade variation as the floor tile but with a shiny finish. This means it has high light reflection, achieving an exquisite feeling of spaciousness and organisation. All this in a pure white with small lines in grey tones, which are set in a heterogeneous way, and without following any certain guidelines but in which at the same time even the smallest detail has been taken care of. In relation to Praga Beige, the features are similar but with short and heterogeneous curved lines in a range of brown colours, which add a lot more warmth to the space.Even so, both colours are ideal for both big and small places, bringing both great exclusivity and beauty as well.

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