Possibilities for changing the floor according to the space requirement

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Possibilities for changing the floor according to the space requirement
Wednesday, February 1, 2017Description :

When carrying out a refurbishment, or undertaking a new work project, one of the dilemmas that occurs is which floor to install. This will depend, on the one hand, on the design, since the floor tile aesthetics and style must fit perfectly with the decorative style of the project itself, as well as with the rest of the elements of the interior design, achieving a coherent and coordinated exhibition of the space.

However, the most important thing to take into account when changing the floor or installing a new one is the space requirement, as well as the high or low traffic that it will withstand, because a private space, inside a home, is not the same as a pool’s surroundings or the floor tiles for a contract project.

Trying to provide a comprehensive answer to any space and any kind of project, however demanding; PORCELANOSA Grupo offers solutions adapted to all kinds of atmospheres in its floor tile project catalogue. It is necessary to take into account the materials that will be installed in each case, and based on this, the best option is to opt for the design that best meets our aesthetic and decorative needs.

Low demanding indoor areas
Private use spaces or inside our homes are usually, except for very specific occasions, low demanding areas, except for the bathroom or kitchen. Almost any floor tile can be installed in them, although the most common is to go for ceramic elements, porcelain tiles or natural materials, such as wood or natural stone.

Although the options provided by PORCELANOSA Grupo are very broad in all three cases, this firm highlights, among its natural wood alternatives, the Tortona series or the Mini Eden 1L model from L’Antic Colonial. This is a material that, because of its thickness, it is much more manageable in terms of refurbishing and changing the floor. These floor tiles are featured, in addition, by their noble layers, as well as for its wide range of finishes, allowing them to be fitted perfectly in any decorative style.
For their part, ceramic floor tiles and porcelain tiles are options for flooring that are more resistant than natural materials and regardless of the decorative possibilities, they guarantee easy maintenance and cleaning.

High-level demanding areas
Bathrooms and kitchens :

Kitchens, but above all, bathrooms, are high-level demanding indoor areas in terms of installing floor tiles and wall tiles, since these are continuously subjected to water and moisture contact. Therefore, the chosen materials must be non-slip and low porosity, so that neither moisture nor water can adversely affect their impeccability and excellence.
Among the materials that PORCELANOSA Grupo offers for this wet environment are the many projects from STON-KER® and PAR-KER, ceramic stone and ceramic parquet, which have the elegant aesthetics, purity and warmth of the natural materials and with the non-slip ceramic properties of durability, anti-humidity and unchangeability. Without a doubt, versatile and high-level quality materials for flooring that allow for easy maintenance and high-level resistance, without relinquishing the aesthetic possibilities of wood or stone.
Another advantage supplied by the STON-KER® and PAR-KER® from Porcelanosa and Venis is the possibility of homogenizing the spaces thanks to the installation of the same floor tile inside and outside the bathroom and the kitchen. This same effect can also be achieved by the linkfloor or vinyl floor from L’Antic Colonial, which also provides high-level resistance, while providing a unique aesthetics, thanks to its textile or wood finishes.

Terraces and swimming pool surroundings :

Pool environments are wet spaces that are exposed to bad weather. Therefore, the necessary properties that floor tiles must meet in these cases are high-level resistance, durability and unchangeability, as well as anti-slip. The STON-KER® and PAR-KER® collections meet these requirements, including anti-slip, thanks to the Nanoker technology.
Another suitable material for these kinds of spaces is the full through body ultra-resistant and anti-slip porcelain tile from Urbatek, which also fits in these spaces perfectly, ensuring safety and always remaining as good as new.

Spaces affected by extreme heat or cold :

Outdoor spaces such as balconies, terraces and patios are continually subjected to extreme heat and cold, and for this reason, they also need floor tiles with unique features that withstand the inclement conditions without affecting their integrity. In this case, the through-body porcelain tile from Urbatek is again suitable for these spaces, which even allows for providing visual continuity between the indoors and outdoors of the house. In addition, all the projects integrated in Urbatek have an exclusive and highly elegant aesthetics, inspired by popular materials such as cement and concrete, as in the case of the Concrete series, or stones or sandstones, such as the Stuc series.
Likewise, and apart from the ceramic materials excellence, PORCELANOSA Grupo, through its firm, Butech, makes them available to professionals in building solutions, which increase the floor tile’s resistance and durability even more. Support applications, laying materials and technical profiles that allow for any installation or a floor tile change with a total guarantee of success.
This is the case with fr-one, one-flex or super-prim solutions, which are applied in conjunction with the STON-KER® and PAR-KER® from Porcelanosa and Venis, making the material more durable, anti-humidity and even flame resistant, improving its strength when installed in other demanding places as well, such as for instance, in a chimney surrounding. In addition, they increase the grip strength of the tiles, namely, between adhesive and grip, improving the state of their installation.

High traffic spaces
Commercial premises or contract are highly demanding, since they often must take continuous high traffic. For this reason, floor tiles that withstand this continuous wear and tear, and remain unchanged over time must be installed. The vinyl floor or linkfloor roll are perfect in these cases because of its high-level resistance to high traffic, as well as the through-body porcelain tile series from Urbatek, such as the CONCRETE collection with a concrete effect. This full through-body porcelain tile is resistant, easy to maintain and install.

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