Noken offers Pure White bathrooms to create large, bright atmospheres

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Noken offers Pure White bathrooms to create large, bright atmospheres
Tuesday, February 24, 2015Description :

Classic in bathroom design, white is one of the most desired colours of architects and interior designers due to its incomparable qualities in creating larger and brighter spaces in all types of bathroom, whether using monochromatic designs, contrasting combinations, or adding touches of colour to strengthen the elegance of the white.

Beyond its decorative qualities, it is its capacity to transmit an image of cleanliness and hygiene which is key to the selection of bathroom elements with white finishes which have made this colour essential in bathrooms which are always in fashion. For these reasons, Noken has extended some of its best known collections with white washbasins, toilets, taps and pieces of furniture, offering professionals and users the possibility of configuring relaxing, timeless spaces.

The washbasin area is one of the sections which plays the greatest part within the bathroom due to its aesthetic capacity. This is why Noken offers products in very different styles from classic freestanding ceramic washbasins to more cosmopolitan products such as the Lounge series by Simone Micheli, with freestanding and supported washbasins defined by suggestive lines.

Also notable are the futuristic products from the Mood collection, designed by Richard Rogers and Luis Vidal, with ceramic washbasins installed on Krion®solid surface countertops with integrated towel rail and soap dispenser. This collection is completed with the striking toilet with a lid and back plate made from the compact mineral Krion®.

As for the taps, adapting to the demands of professionals and users who require elegant and different options, Noken offers the possibility of achieving monochromatic finishes with white taps for washbasin, such as the stylised high spout options of the Urban C and Lounge collections, or the pure lines of the Urban mixer tap, without forgetting the technical innovation of the electronic Mood mixer tap, which allows the temperature and flow of water to be digitally controlled. For the shower, Noken has used white finishes to enhance the purity of the geometric lines of the Urban taps, the formal beauty of the Mood shower handle, and the Lounge shower head.

Finally, in order to achieve elegant Pure White atmospheres, Noken has pieces of furniture in white such as the modern design of the units of the Lounge Capitoné series, which perfectly combines with all types of accessories, and complements such as the Lounge mirrors, or the hangers, wall dispensers and slides from the Giro and Arquitect series. If it is white, you can’t go wrong.

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