New White & Colors collection by Porcelanosa

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New White & Colors collection by Porcelanosa
Saturday, April 7, 2018Description :

Porcelanosa launches the new White & Colors collection, which has been created to boost feelings through a wide range of colours. An explosion of vibrant colours which is inspired by the small format through ceramic pieces presented in two formats: Sevilla and Málaga. The former consists of three tiles arranged horizontally, whereas the latter is a grid composition.

New colours and two formats which increase decorative possibilities when creating and innovating in all types of atmospheres.

Neutral colours
The neutral colour range has been traditionally used as a base so that it can be combined together with other darker tones, therefore, allowing for the latter to be boosted and for compositions to be created, with special emphasis placed mostly on the wall tiles.

Firstly, in the collection, one can find White and Beige, which are the lightest options. Pieces which are characterised by providing the space with brightness and a feeling of purity.

Among the colours in the collection, Rose stands out. A powdery pink colour which creates innocent and delicate atmospheres with a unique chic touch.

Secondly, the Grey and Acero tones convey a highly-sophisticated atmosphere which is both serene and warm, ideal for those spaces where an industrial-style atmosphere is sought-after.

Dark and vibrant colours
The neutral colour range is complemented with more energetic tones in White & Colors. Colours which are suitable for open spaces and whose visual strength can be used with certain austerity without having too much decorative input.

Mustard, blue, greenish and dark grey colours. Perfect pieces for unleashing creativity, as well as creating colour accents in certain spaces, such as the front side of a kitchen worktop or the bathroom.

Among the indigo colours, one can find the Oceano model, which stands out because of the feeling of calmness that it conveys; together with Aqua, an aquamarine colour full of dynamism which reminds us of the coolness of the element from which it takes its name.

Green, for its part, recalls the origin of life through a greenish tone which breathes nature.

White & Colors. 9 colour combinations which enhance creativity.

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