Naturally-inspired unchanging materials at the 28 DINING restaurant

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Naturally-inspired unchanging materials at the 28 DINING restaurant
Friday, August 4, 2017Description :

Restaurants are spaces that are geared towards people’s tastes. Apart from fine gastronomy and good service, they must meet a design which adds to the experience; therefore, enhancing the overall feeling to the max. The 28 DINING restaurant and the lobby at the Van der Valk Hotel in Assen, in the Netherlands, were the places where the ambitious challenge of reproducing an interior of impressive architectural beauty took place, covering the functional practical needs required by a project of this kind.

The Hans Kuijten interior design studio achieved in reproducing a lively, warm and a slightly eclectic decoration, which made the restaurant become full of character. All of this was made possible thanks to materials with state-of-the-art technology that were able to offer natural pure finishes; as well as the resistance, the inalterability and the quality required by a project of this kind.

Both spaces reproduce an atmosphere with dim light, vegetation and naturally-inspired materials. A unique restaurant and lobby, which take the guests deep into a forest like area in an exclusive and sophisticated way. The PORCELANOSA Grupo plays a major role in this project through the use of its most innovative cutting-edge materials. Hence, the professionals counted on natural finishes such as wood or natural stone for their flooring and wall tiles.

In order to provide the project with the fineness of marble, and at the same time preserving the practicality, the professionals opted for the XLIGHT through-body porcelain tile by Urbatek in different tones and versions. An outstandingly resistant and beautiful material which was brought to life with the Kala collection in the White Nature and White Polished finishes; and also the XLIGHT SAVAGE collection in the Dark Nature finish.

Together with the products by Urbatek, the Par-Ker ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa was included as well. The Ascot Arce flooring in a herringbone pattern was key for enhancing the emotional and warm character that was so strongly sought after by the designers of the premises.

Last but not least, a touch of sophistication can be found on the counter, where L’Antic Colonial provides its Wood Modul mesh-mounted mosaic.

In conclusion, the perfect synergy between the elegance of marble, the warmth of wood and the sophistication of the mosaics, which creates a restaurant and a lobby full of character.

Pictures by: Peter Baas Photography.

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