Metallic collections: Sculptural pieces with the Porcelanosa trademark

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Metallic collections: Sculptural pieces with the Porcelanosa trademark
Tuesday, June 19, 2018Description :

The cutting-edge ceramic has made it possible to create metal-effect sculptural pieces which provide any architectural space with dynamism and character. Some examples of this are found in the following collections: Columbia, Madison, Bombay Silver and Foster Silver. Each of these materials developed by Porcelanosa are characterised by their geometric shapes and aesthetic dynamism alike, which in turn has allowed for the rewriting of the interior design classical treaties.

Weightless metal threads

Columbia establishes a neat architectural order which moves away from traditional structures. Its texture and metal thread sensitivity make up a weightless atmosphere on the surface. A new conception of the space.

Scale-effect ceramic tiles

Designed for unique and exclusive atmospheres, the Madison metallic mosaic shows organic winding shapes which simulate a scale-like covering. Ceramic innovation with exotic characteristics. Natural habitat design.

Make sophistication cubed

The sculptural mosaics by Porcelanosa symbolise the existing connection between volume, proportion and geometry. The straight lines which make up the Bombay Silver model fade depending on the patterns of some of their tiles. This is the method followed to create dynamic spaces which change due to the output of light falling upon them. Light mimicry towards a new interior design.

Hexagons in a matt finish
The Foster Silver wall tile by Porcelanosa is made up of small hexagons in a matt finish. Its grey tone recalls a clear open balanced and industrial atmosphere. 21st century aesthetic movement.

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